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Local Artist Introduces Blue Fern Jewelry

A local artist and sculptress has just introduced a new line of delicate jewelry. You can see it at her web site,

Having seen her award-winning sculptures …


and award-winning paintings, I was eager to see how her creative inspirations would be transformed into jewelry.

blue fern jewelry




She has taken her love of animals, and her work at the Columbus Zoo, to create wire abstracts on gorgeous stones.

 All her pieces are featured on her web site and can be ordered there at very economical prices.

So, check out her web site and support a local artist.

Tartan Ridge Parade of Homes in Dublin was busy today

worked at the New England Homes model this afternoon at the Parade of Homes in Dublin. There were many people who walked through, often saying that it was their favorite model. I took photos of some of the models as well as a portion of the interior of the New England model.

This year’s parade included 11 homes. The styles are unique in that the Parade site developer requested that the homes resemble styles from the late 1700’s to early 1900’s. Many of them have been designed to look like the original home has been “added onto” with them being much deeper than they are wide. Several of the homes are already sold, but I’m 100% sure that if you want one, the builders will gladly build YOU a new one. 🙂

  1. COMPASS HOMES:  $599,000 for 3516 sq ft
  2. COPPERTREE HOMES: $644,000 for 3780 sq ft
  3. DANI HOMES: $849,230 for 4454 sq ft
  4. DUFFY HOMES: $789,900 for 4849 sq ft
  5. GOSSING CONSTRUCTION: $769,000 for 4400 sq ft
  6. KEVIN KNIGHT & CO: $949,000 for 5000 sq ft
  7. LAKEWOOD BUILDERS: $765,000 for 5100 sq ft
  8. M/I HOMES SHOWCASE: $799,000 for 4700 sq ft
  9. NEW ENGLAND HOMES: $850,000 for 5566 sq ft
  10. ROMANELLI & HUGHES: $917,000 for 5700 sq ft
  11. STAFFORD GROUP: $895,000 for 5381 sq ft

The Parade lasts until July 26 so there is still time for you to visit.

Checking out the digs at Digger & Finch


6720 Riverside Dr, Dublin OH

I’ve been organizing a get-together for a LinkedIn group that I set up. We’re getting together after work soon and settled on a “convenient-to-all” location.

Several people had recommended Digger & Finch in Dublin as a good, casual place where there was space for us to chat and share old times, as well as tell each other what we’re doing now. Around 300 people have been made aware of the party, but a lot of those live outside Ohio. I’ve no idea how many local people will show up.

I stopped by tonight to tell the manager of our plans. She was great … especially since I told her it could be 20 or 50 or who knows how many – people that might show up. I’ve heard one guy is considering flying in for the event. There’s to be another party of 50 people there that night as well, plus, a band.

It’ll be a rip-roaring good time!


Digger & Finch patio

Hopefully the weather will be nice so we can gather – spread out – on the patio. She said she would group some of the cocktail tables off to the side for us.

scan0001She also gave me their appetizer menu to let the group know the selection in advance. Happy hour starts at 3:00 pm with appetizers going for “4 for $4”.

Those Sauerkraut Balls sound interesting.

The interior is decorated as a Scottish pub with the rich dark woods. The name ‘Digger & Finch’ comes from a couple Scotsmen who lived here in the late 1800’s.

IMG00017Even with the Scottish theme, we still must remember that this IS central Ohio. Above the large U-shaped bar is a countdown clock to November 2009. GO BUCKS!

If you visit the restaurant as a result of reading this blog, be sure to tell the manager that Elaine sent you. That, plus $5, will get me one of those Belvedere mixers. 😉

BTW, I took these photos with my new Blackberry Curve. Not bad for a phone!

It’s Muirfield Tournament week – naturally rain is forecasted

Copyrighted leatherlips monumentThe folklore surrounding Chief Leatherlips and the Memorial Tournament, hosted at Jack Nicklaus’ Muirfield Village in Dublin, seems to be in place once again this year.

Pop-up showers are forecast for this afternoon. Rain for Wednesday. More pop-ups predicted for Sunday afternoon. Yep … sounds like the Chief may be at it again.

Read more:


Water Towers seem to be taking on a whole new look!

Copyrighted Summitview towerI’ve noticed that there’s a new trend in decorating water towers. Previously, they were painted blue-cream or blue-gray stripes to “blend” in with the sky … sort of.

The one on the left is on the south edge of Powell area.

Copyrighted - twin towersThe two on the right are along I-270 between the Sawmill Rd exit and Rt 315 exit in Worthington. These towers have become a landmark of sorts. Whenever there is a fender bender on I-270, the reporters will say “near the twin towers” and everyone knows where the accident is.

Copyrighted - Delaware towerThen the City of Delaware installed a new tower near Rt 23 and Cheshire Rd. Gone were the stripes and in their place was “landscaping” with a monster billboard at the top (notice the homes to the right side at the bottom). The painting at the top seems to resemble the downtown city buildings along with a pacer horse to reflect the Little Brown Jug race that is held in September in Delaware.

Copyrighted Dublin water towerThere is another one outside Dublin, on the way to Plain City, that is decorated similar to the Delaware tower, but more muted. This tower has the green landscaping at the bottom but with various sports figures above the green. The sports figures represent the tower’s proximity to the big sports complex nearby, called Sports Ohio. At the very top are green shamrocks, representing Dublin’s Irish theme.

So how do you feel about this change in the way water towers are being decorated? Is it a nifty way for the suburbs to promote their city? Is it an improvement over bland stripes?

Here’s a great little Italian restaurant in Columbus

In another post I noted that my usual dining experience is take-out or fast food. While I certainly don’t intend to turn this blog into a “restaurant review”, I may occasionally mention places I like. Keep in mind that I am certainly not a connoisseur… I generally like ALL food which is another problem I have. 😉

Yesterday some clients took me to a great Italian restaurant after signing closing papers. I don’t especially care for the thick, tomato pasty type of sauce, preferring instead a “lighter” sauce. This restaurant uses the type of sauce that I like – tasty but not overpowering.

The restaurant is Moretti’s on Sawmill Rd, opposite the Home Depot, just north of Don Scott airport. It’s in a small strip center that is easy to drive by but never really see.

I loved the salad and the dressing. We decided it must be a form of balsamic vinegar – really good! All the pasta is homemade. The entree prices range from $15-24. However, consider asking to split an entree since the portions are HUGE! My clients split a veal Parmesan and even when split, their portions were quite large. The veal was “real meat” not a processed patty, and it looked to be crispy on the outside. I ordered the ravioli appetizer and had to ask for a doggy bag to bring half of it home. I’ll bet their lasagne is great.

They do offer take-out so this place will definitely be on my list when I’m in the mood for a really good salad with a little loaf of bread. Yum-m-m.