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Golfers … southern Delaware County is YOUR place to be

golfers in southern delaware county ohioToday is supposed to be our first really warm day after a long, cold winter. I expect a lot of people will be hitting the golf courses today. If you live in or near southern Delaware County, you have many courses to choose from to play. Many are semi-private so check first.

If you like the idea of owning a home on a golf course, I can help you with that as most courses are lined with homes.

Here’s a list that I put together of the courses in the southern half of Delaware County. Click on the club’s name to go to the course’s website.

Southwest part of the county – Powell, Liberty Twp area:

Lower southeast part of the county – Lewis Center, Westerville area:

Upper southeast part of the county – Delaware, Galena, Sunbury area:


Why did southern Delaware County grow so fast?

newspaperA local newspaper reporter called me this morning to discuss the housing growth that has occurred in southern Delaware County this decade. I’m usually nervous about talking with the media for fear of being mis-quoted. I hope he doesn’t do that.

After our conversation was over, I thought more about why the growth has occurred into southern Delaware County. I think there are several events that occurred that set the stage for it.

  • I-270 made it easy to go from one suburb to another. Businesses (jobs) built up around the various interchanges. Suburbs located inside 270 were land-locked with limited room to expand further housing.
  • Suburbs, like Dublin or Powell close to the freeway, had room to expand their borders. They also had easy access to the freeway with major roads such as Rt 315, Sawmill Rd and Rt 33 already in place.
  • Lewis Center’s growth was impacted when Banc One (now Chase) built the huge employment center and the nearby Polaris Mall was added, both outside of I-270. Old State Rd provided access to that employment so many housing subdivisions were built off of that road.
  • Golf Courses have played an important part to the housing growth as well. Dublin already had Jack Nicklaus’ huge Muirfield Village but then Arnie’s Tartan Fields was built north of Muirfield. Powell began with Wedgewood, then added Scioto Reserve and Kinsale (Golf Village). Shamrock and Safari are nearby, but they are not lined with homes the way the other courses are.
  • The southwest part of the county contains both the Scioto and Olentangy Rivers. I’m not a geologist but it seems there is more variance to the terrain between the rivers, providing more opportunity for the wooded, ravine lots that many home buyers like.
  • The southeast part of the county has the big water reservoirs with Alum Creek and Hoover. Both offer boating opportunities, albeit they have different motor restrictions.
  • Dublin and Powell already had groceries and retail, but those types of commercial buildings have expanded to keep pace with the housing. Dublin added Perimeter Mall and Powell added the shopping at Powell Rd and Sawmill Pkwy.
  • Some of the northern most housing developments in the Lewis Center area were several miles from groceries, gas stations, and fast-food eateries, but with the recent addition of some new stores along Rt 23 at Lewis Center Rd, that is changing.
  • Columbus State Community college recently opened along Rt 23 and Ohio Health is at a certain stage of providing convenient health care for the area.
  • More growth along Rt 23 between Powell Rd and Cheshire Rd was on the drawing board but it has been put on hold due to the economic downturn.
  • Southern Delaware County is primarily served with four school districts: Dublin, Olentangy, Westerville and Big Walnut. Olentangy covers the largest geographical part of the southern part of the county.

Like thousands of others, I’ve found the county to be a great place to live and work. If you would like to join us, give me a call and we’ll go house shopping.

Wedgewood Golf & Country Club in Powell – a tour

Wedgewood Golf & Country Club is the focal point for the Wedgewood subdivision in Powell. The area was part of the BIA Parade of Homes in the early 90’s, with two main streets circling the main part of the golf course. Wellington Bl aligns along the west side then circles around to the south where it then becomes Fairway Dr which runs parallel along the east side of the course.

Soon after you enter the subdivision (on Wellington Bl) there are three streets (Oxford, Tavistock & Gleneagle) which contain patio homes, sometimes called cluster homes due to their smaller lots. This style of home is popular for people who want a large luxury home but with less lawn care thanks to smaller lawns.

Yesterday I mounted my camera on my dash as I drove around the area. It may appear that I was speeding, but trust me, I was going less than the posted 25 mph limit. I think it’s the camera angle … at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

So far this year, 14 homes have sold in Wedgewood at an average price of $550K. The highest price so far this year is $910K. In the Fairway Dr area there are many free-standing and attached condos or fee-simple homes. YTD, three have sold at an average price of $236K.

Wedgewood is located in the Olentangy school district and in Liberty Township which is outside the city limits of Powell. Visit these other sites for more information:

Dublin is getting prepped for The Memorial

Memorial Tournament flags, Dublin Ohio 43017Next week is the PGA Memorial Tournament, but as usual, this week Muirfield Village is getting all “prettied up” ready to put on a good show to all the media, dignitaries and thousands of guests that will be in Dublin for the event.

The special flags have been installed on the light poles and parking signs are up. All the landscaping is well-manicured. It’s very common to see many landscape crews working on resident’s lawns. Some of them rent their homes out for the week, then stay in local hotels. I knew a family who did that, as it was a money-maker for them.

Muirfield Village, Dublin Ohio 43017The Tournament begins May 31 with practice rounds through June 2. On June 1, there is a Military Appreciation Day. Those with appropriate military ID can enter for free. The Skins Game is on June 2, plus it’s Junior Golf Day, so kids under 18 can get in free with a ticketed adult. The actual tournament runs June 3 -6. At this time, Tiger is reported to be playing. (no comment)

I was offered tickets for one of the practice rounds, but decided to pass on them. I don’t trust Chief Leatherlips and what he may do to the weather.

I used to play quite a bit of golf years ago. I played in a weekly league and often played another 18 on the weekend. I really enjoyed the game, but naturally had the usual frustrations that can go with it. Thanks to my previous career, I had the opportunity to play at many nice resorts in Florida, Arizona and Colorado. I couldn’t drive as far as the guys did, but I hit it straight and was pretty good at chipping and putting, so I held my own.


It’s Muirfield Tournament week – naturally rain is forecasted

Copyrighted leatherlips monumentThe folklore surrounding Chief Leatherlips and the Memorial Tournament, hosted at Jack Nicklaus’ Muirfield Village in Dublin, seems to be in place once again this year.

Pop-up showers are forecast for this afternoon. Rain for Wednesday. More pop-ups predicted for Sunday afternoon. Yep … sounds like the Chief may be at it again.

Read more:


A funny golf story … well, it’s funny NOW!

twogolfersRecently an out-of-state person contacted me regarding help with finding a golf Pro for lessons near Worthington. This reminded me of a funny golf story from many, many years ago. It could have NOT been a funny story, but fortunately all ended OK.

I was attending OSU at the time, and taking golf as the required Phys. Ed. class. My then husband and I played golf quite frequently, so getting lessons via the class was an added bonus. And, it really DID help my game!

Near the end of the OSU quarter, we were playing a course in Mt. Vernon (Knox County). I had just hit a really good tee shot with my driver. My husband commented on how much further my drives were going and asked what I was doing differently.

I proceeded to show him the different grip, the different elbow position, etc. He was standing behind me on the tee box, but I thought he was several feet behind me.  He, in turn, didn’t think I would be taking a full swing. Well, we both thought wrong and I hit him in the head … not on the backswing but at the end of my forward swing … with the driver! golf cart

He collapsed, but recovered shortly. We immediately went to the ER where it was determined his cheek bone was broken. He was already scheduled to have wisdom teeth removed, so this additional work was scheduled to be done at the same time … at OSU Hospital … coincidentally on the same day as I was to have the final exam for my Phys. Ed. class. Surprisingly, he didn’t get black eyes, nor was it painful for him. That’s why we could joke about it.

He took quite a bit of razzing from his co-workers – “are you sure she didn’t do it on purpose?” Plus, in my class, the instructor decided to take the opportunity to talk about SAFETY! The Dr’s and nurses at the hospital also had a great deal of fun with the story! The only one who didn’t think it was so funny was our 8-yr old daughter who didn’t understand why mommy hit daddy.rifle man

Now, two additional bits of info …


  • I got an ‘A’ in the class
  • I signed up for riflery the next quarter 😉

This story has nothing to do with him being my “then” husband …. HONEST … HONEST!!