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Hillary Wins Award for “Worst Dressed”

Hillary is known for her “North Korea” styled tunics. As an “older” woman, I empathize with her desire to hide the lumps that Mother Nature inflicts on us as we age. But the outfit she wore to a Hollywood fundraiser this week was JUST AWFUL! It looks more like a frumpy housecoat with PJ leggins. Print top … plaid pants … print flat shoes!


Hillary appears in housecoat

EDIT UPDATE: The following graphic made its way around Twitter.
Hillary's tent tunic

The Murph doesn’t like being “Home Alone”!

The Murph is happiest when he is with me. Most dogs are like that – they want to be with their humans. Last year I bought a trail camera to record the antics of the midnight raiders – the raccoons. This week I decided to set it up when I had to leave for a meeting. I was gone for close to 3 hours. Murph basically did 3 things the ENTIRE TIME: 1) watched out the window 2) checked the front door 3) howled – which really made me feel guilty! This video isn’t 3 hours long, but edited only to show examples of his behavior.

And to think I thought he probably just slept. Oh well …

Squirrels are cute but costly!

This is intended to be BIRD feeder! But the seed in it has seeds, fruits and NUTS! Thus, it seems one of the squirrels has deemed it worthy of a challenge even though there is another peanut feeder for them and the chipmunks. The birds that normally eat here were rather upset that the squirrel was taking their food. They found temporary relief at the nearby bath.

If it weren’t for that pretty, fluffy tail and the cute little hands …… they would be a rat.

Forget drones … beware of witches!

Witch hits tree

I saw this Halloween decoration last year on Amazon but I was too late … they were sold out. This year I placed my order in time, so I have the witch on my front tree.

I improvised a bit by stuffing the body with an old bed pillow, and added a ‘real’ broom. It looks cute and garnered a bark from the neighbor’s dog.


Happy Doxie w/ Duck Dynasty duck

We’re a Duck Dynasty home, so Murph had to have the Uncle Si version of a duck. He loves it but as he always does with toys, the face and stuffing is gone!


Obama is not very “manly”

By now you’ve probably seen the video of Obama shooting – or trying to shoot – hoops on Easter Day. It was pretty pathetic as he made only 2 baskets out of 22 attempts. Let’s face it … he would never be described as a “macho man” and is not known for doing physical labor in his past unlike some of our other Presidents.

Some Presidents can use tools … Obama not so much:Presidents working

Presidents do various challenging sports … Obama “mom jeans” doesn’t:

Presidents' sports

Then there’s the “first ball of spring” throwing … OMG!:Presidents throwing a ball

I think the trophy goes to President George HW Bush for jumping out of a perfectly good airplane!