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Images on Google are copyrighted

Have you ever visited the Google section called Images? You can search for photos by keyword. Underneath each photo is the web site where Google captured the image just as they capture the summaries for topic searches. Did you know all those images belong to people and are not available to save or link to?

Did you know that right-clicking and saving them to your computer or linking to them is a violation of copyright laws?

In reality, Google should be informing people at the top of the page that doing anything other than looking at the photos is a violation of copyright laws.They don’t. It’s not until one right-clicks on the photo that Google has a teeny-tiny phrase that says the photos “might” be subject to copyright laws.

I’m writing this because I’ve had a bunch of referral links to my old blog to the photos I have there. The links are coming from Texas, Oregon, Massachusetts, Spain, Germany, Indonesia and other foreign countries. I’m sure those people are stealing my images, including one of The Murph in his OSU outfit.

I’m surprised someone hasn’t sued Google for not doing a better job of informing people of the laws in their headline. Just because something is on the internet, doesn’t mean it’s available for public use. Jimmy Carter, the former President, learned this the hard way!Copyright © 2007. Reproduction of any portion of this blog post or the images is prohibited by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. If this post is being viewed on any site other than www.ReesesPiecesOfRealEstate,com then the material has been stolen without permission. Violators will be reported.