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What’s Happening to Patriotism?

I’m really bothered about an unpatriotic trend against our Flag, Old Glory. The Pledge of Allegiance has already been decimated. This week the UC Irvine campus has a small group of students who want the American Flag removed because it might offend students from other countries. I’ll withhold my thoughts on that!!!!!

Last weekend, the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s march across the Selma bridge was televised. On Twitter, a number of people spotted an important difference to MLK’s march to this year’s march. Two photos were tweeted and retweeted as they quickly spread throughout the Twittersphere.

Here are the two photos. Can you spot what the difference is that riled up Tweeps???

MLK’s Selma March – American Flags

MLK's Selma

Obama’s Selma March – No Flags

Obama's Selma

What a difference 50 years made!

Why did southern Delaware County grow so fast?

newspaperA local newspaper reporter called me this morning to discuss the housing growth that has occurred in southern Delaware County this decade. I’m usually nervous about talking with the media for fear of being mis-quoted. I hope he doesn’t do that.

After our conversation was over, I thought more about why the growth has occurred into southern Delaware County. I think there are several events that occurred that set the stage for it.

  • I-270 made it easy to go from one suburb to another. Businesses (jobs) built up around the various interchanges. Suburbs located inside 270 were land-locked with limited room to expand further housing.
  • Suburbs, like Dublin or Powell close to the freeway, had room to expand their borders. They also had easy access to the freeway with major roads such as Rt 315, Sawmill Rd and Rt 33 already in place.
  • Lewis Center’s growth was impacted when Banc One (now Chase) built the huge employment center and the nearby Polaris Mall was added, both outside of I-270. Old State Rd provided access to that employment so many housing subdivisions were built off of that road.
  • Golf Courses have played an important part to the housing growth as well. Dublin already had Jack Nicklaus’ huge Muirfield Village but then Arnie’s Tartan Fields was built north of Muirfield. Powell began with Wedgewood, then added Scioto Reserve and Kinsale (Golf Village). Shamrock and Safari are nearby, but they are not lined with homes the way the other courses are.
  • The southwest part of the county contains both the Scioto and Olentangy Rivers. I’m not a geologist but it seems there is more variance to the terrain between the rivers, providing more opportunity for the wooded, ravine lots that many home buyers like.
  • The southeast part of the county has the big water reservoirs with Alum Creek and Hoover. Both offer boating opportunities, albeit they have different motor restrictions.
  • Dublin and Powell already had groceries and retail, but those types of commercial buildings have expanded to keep pace with the housing. Dublin added Perimeter Mall and Powell added the shopping at Powell Rd and Sawmill Pkwy.
  • Some of the northern most housing developments in the Lewis Center area were several miles from groceries, gas stations, and fast-food eateries, but with the recent addition of some new stores along Rt 23 at Lewis Center Rd, that is changing.
  • Columbus State Community college recently opened along Rt 23 and Ohio Health is at a certain stage of providing convenient health care for the area.
  • More growth along Rt 23 between Powell Rd and Cheshire Rd was on the drawing board but it has been put on hold due to the economic downturn.
  • Southern Delaware County is primarily served with four school districts: Dublin, Olentangy, Westerville and Big Walnut. Olentangy covers the largest geographical part of the southern part of the county.

Like thousands of others, I’ve found the county to be a great place to live and work. If you would like to join us, give me a call and we’ll go house shopping.

House of Representatives Passes Health Care Reform Bill

This blog is for real estate and I intend to keep it that way. I don’t intend to turn it into a political blog but since our government is making decisions that affect the real estate industry, I’m finding that to keep you up-to-date on the real estate industry, I should advise you of those changes that impact your ability to own and keep your home long-term. I like to read “both sides” so I can be a better informed citizen.

Last night, the House passed a Health Care Reform bill. This morning there has been much discussion on Facebook and Twitter about the good or bad of the bill. I’m still trying to sort it out and determine how it will affect me. Maybe you’re trying to do the same thing.

So far, I’ve found a couple links … I’m sure there will be more, and as I find them I’ll add them here.

Here is an interactive map from the New York Times of how the Representatives voted by state. You can click over the map to see how your representative voted.

Here is a Wall Street Journal summary of some key points to the bill. Read through it to decide how it will affect your own life.

Is Delaware County (Ohio) a yuppie county?

In Sunday’s Dispatch, a columnist was offering his opinion on how counties voted for the two Democratic candidates in the recent Primary election. In the article he mentioned that Delaware County voted much different than all the other 88 counties in Ohio citing that it was a “yuppie” county.

I decided to check the actual demographics to see if they supported his comment. The demos of the more populated southern half of the county definitely support the columnist’s yuppie comment. The numbers below are for MEDIAN HOUSEHOLD INCOME, % of residents having a BACHELOR’S DEGREE or higher, and the MEDIAN AGE of residents. The list is high-low by income.


  • 43082, Westerville: $95,618, 50%, 36 yrs
  • 43065, Powell: $83,484, 57%, 34 yrs
  • 43035, Lewis Center: $71,870, 51%, 31 yrs
  • 43021, Galena: $68,973, 38%, 40 yrs
  • 43061, Ostrander: $62,296, 26%, 38 yrs
  • 43074, Sunbury: $61,094, 25%, 38 yrs
  • 43015, Delaware: $51,422, 29%, 34 yrs
  • 43334, Marengo: $47,000, 8%, 36 yrs
  • 43066, Radnor: $41750, 16%, 40 yrs