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#LivePD is must watch TV

LivePD TV showWeekend TV is pretty bleak but I now have a new fun show to watch on Friday and Saturday nights. It’s on A&E and is “Live PD“. I’m sure I’m late to party in finding this show. Just in case you haven’t watched it, Dan Abrams and others follow law enforcement officers in several cities/states. Greenville, SC and Phoenix seem to have the weirdest people. What makes this a fun show to watch are the tweets using #LivePD. Some of the comments are hilarious as they comment on people’s clothes or the lack thereof. Flex, one of the K9s, is a superstar of the show. He loves to bite the bad guys and barks continuously when he’s held back. Bad guys are more afraid of Flex than they are of the cops.

It’s a good show to highlight the terrible, disgusting people and things that LEOs have to put up with. So many perps actually fight with the officers for no reason. Often it takes several officers to hold them down to put the cuffs on. Another really disgusting things is when the officers do a pat-down for weapons and drugs. Most druggies hide their stash in or near their genitals. One guy even had a syringe in his rectum, which the LEO had to remove. Some of the women are just as vicious as the men. People that claim “police brutality” are LYING! It’s the perp that starts it. If they didn’t resist, they wouldn’t be manhandled!

The other surprise to me, is the number of folks who have some sort of drug in their cars. The officers may stop them for a broken tail light then find a bunch of drugs or an outstanding warrant or they’re driving on a suspended license. That’s unnerving knowing I’m might be sharing the road with them.

If you want a fun time at 9:00pm on Friday and Saturday nights, I recommend watching the show. People tweet that they watch it with the whole family to have a good laugh at people’s stupidity. Click here to read more about this TV phenom.


Battling against Time Warner

Cable companies have long been among the “most hated” industries. Based on my experience, I think I know at least one of the reasons for that negative view. My complaint is the ongoing price increases from Time Warner Cable. I have 2 TVs – one is HD, one is analog. When I first joined the cable crowd in late 2012 I got the Starter TV channels, the Standard TV channels, the Preferred TV channels and 2 HD Set-Top boxes. The price was $78.82/mo. Here’s the sequence of price increases I’ve had since:

  • Jan 2013 – $78.82
  • Dec 2013 – $89.22
  • Jun 2014 – $91.05 (I added internet)
  • May 2015 – $113.89
  • Mar 2016 – $122.59
  • Apr 2016 – $138.04

So for 2016 ALONE, I’ve had a 21% increase!!! The TV channels portion of the bill increased $20, 25%. The box price increased 50¢, 4%. The modem increased from $5.99 to $10 – a 67% increase. The broadcast TV/Sports surcharge increased by $3.25, a 59% increase.

By this time, I had had enough! I reviewed the Preferred TV channels to see how many I actually watch. There were only two: NatGeoWild and Smithsonian. So I called TWC to remove the Preferred TV cost. The rep said I could cut the cost of the boxes by using a “Digital Adapter” if I didn’t use OnDemand or StartOver. I don’t use either of those features so I decided to save the $17! I received the two adapters the next day!TWC Digital Adapter

Upon installing the little adapters the instructions said to call TWC for activation. While on the phone with the Rep, he mentioned I could also save money by purchasing my own modem via Amazon. So off to Amazon website I went. They have the exact modem for $48.49! Since TWCs new charge for their modem is $10/mo, I will have MY modem paid for after 5 months! My future bill “should” be $110 – until TWC takes the price up again.modem - router set up

Last year I bought a router to attach to the modem. This allows me to have wifi for my cell phone so I avoid exceeding the ‘data’ portion of Verizon phone bill. It’s not easy but I’m determined to win – or at least minimize – this “war” with the technology companies.

One last warning for TWC – Wowway is now preparing to come into my neighborhood. I’m sure they’ll offer promos for signing up. It would be stupid to think that their promos won’t end and they’ll also have consistent price increases as well.

Get the popcorn, chips & booze ready …

Are you ready for Thursday night? The first GOP debates will be on Fox News. The TOP 10 contenders in an average of national polls will be in a debate beginning at 8:50pm. The remaining 7 contenders will debate earlier beginning at 5:00pm.

Since The Donald is apt to dominate the Top 10 debate, the earlier 5:00 debate could actually be more informative. It “may” include Governor Rick Perry, Governor Bobby Jindal and Carly Fiorina … all three are strong candidates.

The Top 10 group will be the most fun as we wait to see whether Trump throws grenades at other candidates, or behaves as a Presidential candidate should. I’ve heard there are “drinking games” being planned for whenever Trump says he’s rich. Whether he actually gets into the specifics of his plans – versus just one-liners – we’ll have to wait and see.

 I’ll be listening for their positions are three issues:

  1. Uphold The Constitution (Supreme Court appointees, repeal Obama’s illegal EO’s, religious freedom, 1st and 2nd Amendments, State’s rights)
  2. National Security (Iran nuke deal, fighting ISIS, border security, deportations)
  3. Economy (repeal ObamaCare, income tax reduction, regulations that deter businesses, reduce size of government & freebies)

What I DON’T WANT to hear are personal attacks by Trump aimed at others on the stage.  I’m picking someone with the stature to be a President, not a reality show star!

Hollywood is irrelevant

I seldom watch the Oscars because I just don’t find the show very interesting and it’s WAY too long. What other industry or profession makes such a big deal to reward themselves for ‘doing their job’!  I’m also not a movie-goer so there’s that.

I didn’t watch last night but was interested in knowing whether the loony liberals would give any awards to American Sniper. It was a movie that I did bother to see like millions of other patriots. I thought it was outstanding and Bradley Cooper’s performance was amazing!

Hollywood likes money so one would think that the record-setting $320 million receipts would have been rewarded. I heard this morning that the movie grossed more than the other 7 movies combined that were nominated for Best Picture.

However, Hollywood proved once again that they’re irrelevant by totally snubbing a non-lib movie, only awarding it one Oscar for “sound”. Let’s be honest … the movie was snubbed because it was about George W’s war and because Clint Eastwood did that very funny ‘chair routine’ at the Republican Convention.

There is some payback. Oscar viewership was a 6-year low with a 16% drop in viewers versus 2014. So Hollywood not only favors movies that people don’t want to watch, they also reward themselves at a show America doesn’t want to watch either.




Who is controlling our America?

2012 election results by county

Do you see all that red area? Those are the counties that voted for the Republicans in the 2012 election*. The east and west coast people refer to us as “fly-over country”. They view us as inconsequential hayseeds. Even Obama made fun of us, saying we only cling to our Bibles and guns.

So where is the media? New York, DC and California where there are lots of blue liberal counties. Now think about the issues being currently discussed in DC and covered by the Donkey Media channels. Do you think they’re in touch with the majority of Americans?

Discussions on guns are the most telling as they only consider gun usage in the inner city where people are in close density and there is a big problem with gangs. They have no concept of why a farmer might need a obama skeetgun when he’s on a 1,000 acre ranch. Even the photo-op of Obama shooting skeet showed them to be clueless unless he was planning on shooting the ‘puller’.

DC is spending our hard-earned tax dollars willy-nilly, saying they can’t afford to make any spending cuts, but rather want even more of our money. Is there ANY family in the heartland that couldn’t find LOTS of places to cut spending without causing any harm. We know how to balance budgets because we do it with our own households. It’s not hard. HINT: you don’t spend more than you have.

Don’t you just love it when some Hollywood dufus tells YOU how to live, what to drive and how you should light & heat your home, then proceeds to get in their private jet to go one of several of their homes? Oh sure, I’m going to have those solar panels installed just as soon as Ohio gets more than 50% of available sunlight!

I really get angry when I hear a politician in DC or a TV talking head in NYC say “most Americans agree … “. They don’t have a clue what the heartland Americans want. It’s even been said that the reason NBC is planning to replace Jay Leno is that Jay’s audience comes from middle America. They want someone “cooler” that appeals to the coastal audience. We’re not considered cool, therefore, we don’t count. This could be the reason NBC is ranked 5th in viewership.

I’m really troubled that the heartland is being forced to live according to how the liberal coasts say we should live. I don’t want them to make the rules for me. I Obama doesn't salute the flagsay Merry Christmas, believe in Easter, put my hand over my heart when saying the Pledge of Allegiance, and tear-up at a military parade or when the jets fly over on Independence Day. The liberals think what I do is silly, old-fashioned and unsophisticated. Or as Michelle Obama said, “All this for a damn flag!”

YES!!! It’s called being a Patriot and loving my country … and I WANT IT BACK!

* Obama won 51% of those who voted, but those voters equaled only 28% of the electorate. Having support of slightly more than a quarter of the electorate is NOT a mandate.

Another idiotic idea from a politician

Blackberry phoneI think I’m going to start a section of my blog that reports only on the stupid things politicians do. Like 60%+ of the nation, I am so disgusted with those folks in DC. They are so out-of-touch with life beyond the beltway.

Fortunately, Twitter provides information on what’s REALLY going on since the mainstream media is too focused on what Hollywood is doing. Here’s a story that you won’t see on the evening news until it’s too late.

Nebraska Congressman proposing a bill to permit robo calls to cellphones

Rep. Lee Terry (R-Neb) is sponsoring a bill that would loosen restrictions on telemarketing calls to cellphones.  Here’s his reasoning:

Terry says his bill is a badly-needed update to that law (TCPA 1991) and would only allow calls for “informational purposes” and only to people who opt-in to receive them.

The way he describes the “information”, I think it would be similar to the CODE RED calls that I’ve signed up for from Delaware County to alert me to dangerous weather. I decided to give the CodeRed website my cell number all by myself without any intervention required by the government. I don’t “badly need” or want the government deciding that for me.

Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore) said that “now most consumers have buckets of minutes so receiving an additional call costs them nothing“. Maybe HE has buckets of minutes because the Oregon taxpayers are probably paying HIS cell phone, but most people still have limited plans.

Don’t know about you, but I already get robo calls to my cell even though the 1991 Telephone Consumer Protection Act prohibits automated dialing to mobile phones. I currently have 20 such numbers programmed into my cell to block them because they’re spam calls made from bogus numbers, so the do-not-call system doesn’t work.

Walden says he has no intention of “unleashing telemarketers on us”. How many of you believe that if this bill passes, it will only be a matter of time until politicians are excluded and thus, allowed to make their obnoxious robo calls during political elections. If Reps Terry and Walden continue pushing this bill, then I want to know THEIR cell number!

I also wonder why anyone in DC is working on such a worthless bill when they should be working on ways to reduce the deficit, taxes and regulations to help small businesses so they can create jobs for people. Where are their priorities!

Stepping off my soapbox now …