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Ohio’s Crime Rate Lower Than Nat’l Average

Columbus’ Business First had a link to a report on Safe Places to Live in Ohio. Although none of Central Ohio’s communities made the Top 20, three were between 20-25. Powell was ranked 21, Marysville ranked 23 and Dublin ranked 25. Upper Arlington ranked 31.

“In terms of feeling secure, Ohio’s crime rate is significantly lower than the national average. Between 2013 and 2014, both violent and property crime rates declined with some of the steepest drops occurring in the robbery and burglary categories.”

Glock 19 Gen 4The article said that Ohio’s Crime Rate is significantly lower than the National Average. Although not mentioned in the article, I wonder if Ohio’s open-carry law and the popularity of concealed carry licenses is due somewhat to lower crime rates.


13 of 50 Best Suburbs Are In Ohio

MSN/Money announced their “50 Best Suburbs“. Most of the suburbs were in the Midwest … not surprising to those of us who call the heartland home.

As I was scrolling through the list, I noticed many were Ohio suburbs! In fact, 13 of the 50 were in Ohio. MSN/Money’s criteria evaluated:

  • Population 5000 to 100,000
  • Average commute time
  • Median household income
  • School, poverty & crime rates
  • Availability of affordable housing

The 13 Ohio suburbs were:

COLUMBUS AREA – 3 are in MSN’s Top 10!

Suburb MSN Rank Median HH$ School Rating
UpperArlington 6 95,588 10
New Albany 8 161,374 10
Powell 9 133,133 10
Grandview Hts 16 80,729 8
Dublin 22 114,183 8.67


Suburb MSN Rank Median HH$ School Rating
Madiera 3 87,232 10
Springboro 10 95,406 9
Montgomery 21 109,779 9
Wyoming 24 95,572 10


Suburb MSN Rank Median HH$ School Rating
Monroe Falls 33 8
Hudson 35 116,188 10


Suburb MSN Rank Median HH$ School Rating
Bellbrook 49 73,168 10


Suburb MSN Rank Median HH$ School Rating
Kirtland 50 85,938 9






Ohio Changes Mind On Obama

Ohio has been taking some heat on Twitter the past couple days due to the latest Quinnipiac University poll. The poll asked if respondents approved or disapproved Obama’s performance. The results showed him receiving the lowest approval he has ever had. That’s important to note coming from a traditional “swing” state.

  • 61% disapprove of the job Obama’s doing. 34% approve.evil eyed Obama
  • 57% don’t believe or trust Obama. 39% do.
  • 59% oppose of ObamaScare. 35% agree.

Obama won Ohio by only 103,431 votes or 50.1% of those who voted. Mitt had 48.2% of the votes. As with other states, Ohio had reports of voter fraud and counties where over 100% of registered voters “voted” for Obama.

POLITICO has a map of Ohio’s election results by county. It shows that of Ohio’s 88 counties, only 16 swung ‘blue’. The blue counties are the inner-city portions of the larger cities: Cleveland (the ObamaPhone gal), Columbus, Cincinnati plus union strongholds of Toledo, Dayton, Akron, Youngstown. The one exception is Athens County where Ohio University is located – a college known for its media degrees and strong liberal bias.

Back to the Twitter comments. As you can imagine, to go from 50% “FOR” to 61% “AGAINST” is a substantial swing in attitudes. The tweets mostly have been of the nature of “why didn’t Ohio get smart a year ago”. I wrote this article to show that 82% of Ohio counties ARE smart! After all we did vote in a GOP Governor, John Kasich … who has lowered taxes and unemployment; worked to grow industries and jobs; and eliminated a budget deficit!

Hopefully, Ohio will vote smarter in 2014.






March Jobs Report A Disaster For Obama

The March-ending numbers were so bad that even the Obamabots had trouble spinning them into something positive. I wrote down these numbers as they became available on the Fox Business channel while watching Varney & Co.

  • Only 88,000 new jobs were created in March. The economy needs to be adding 200,000-300,000 in order to get things rolling again.
  • The unemployment rate dropped to 7.6% because 500,000 people dropped out of the labor pool.
  • 21,600,000 people are either under-employed or unemployed.
  • 90,000,000 people over age 16 are NOT working, either by choice or circumstance.
  • 58% of the jobs created since Obama took office have been low-wage jobs.
  • The labor participation rate dropped to 63.3% … the lowest since 1979 (see chart below).
Labor Participation Rate 1979-2013

Labor Participation Rate 1979-2013
(click to enlarge)

America has too many people not working; too many people working in jobs they’re over-qualified for; too many people having to work part-time at one, two or maybe three jobs; and too many people having to live on government hand-outs. Under ObamaCare it will get even worse when smaller businesses cut their staff below 50 employees and/or cut full-time employees to part-time to avoid the insurance costs.

Ohio is Outshining Other States

Ohio’s unemployment drops for the 10th straight month.  Unemployment rate dropped for May, going from 7.4% in April to 7.3% in May. That compares quite favorably to the 9.2% rate in December 2010 before the new governor, John Kasich, took office.

The May numbers as being reported by local media are:

  • Ohio unemployment rate: 7.3% for May 2012; 7.4% for Apr 2012; 8.8% for May 2011.
  • U.S. unemployment rate: 8.2% for May 2012; 8.1% for Apr 2012; 9.0% for May 2011.
  • Ohio unemployed: 426,000 for May 2012; 431,000 for Apr 2012; 512,000 for May 2011.
  • Ohio employed: 5,158,900 for May 2012; 5,139,300 for Apr 2012.

According to one report (not verified) Ohio created 28% of all jobs created in U.S. in May. That’s quite outstanding if it’s true.

If you like to look at lots of numbers and charted graphs, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has historical graphs for each State. Click here for Ohio’s graphs.

Ohio unemployment drops for the 5th straight month

Ohio continues to improve for 5th straight month! Unemployment rate dropped again for April, going from 7.5% in March to 7.4% in April. That compares quite favorably to the 9.5% rate in December 2010 before the new governor, John Kasich, took office.

In December 2010, 560,000 people were unemployed. In March 2012, 438,000 were unemployed, and it further dropped to 431,000 in April 2012. That’s an additional 129,000 people with paychecks since Kasich’s tenure began.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of employees by industry for Ohio in April 2012 vs April 2011 is:

Employees by Ohio Industry
Industry Apr 2011 Apr 2012 % Chg
Trade, Transportation, Utility 957.1 973.7 +1.7%
Education/Health 849.3 865.8 +1.9%
Government 770.1 767.0 -0.4%
Prof/Bus Services 647.7 655.0 +1.1%
Manufacturing 635.6 652.2 +2.6%
Leisure/Hospitality 481.3 473.1 -1.7%
Financial 279.2 276.4 -1.0%
Construction 172.9 173.9 +0.5%

The National unemployment rate continues to be above 8%, at 8.1%, but there’s much debate on the accuracy of that number because it does not include people who have dropped out of the market or are underemployed.

Let’s hope the Governor continues his successes to bring or keep businesses here in Ohio which will certainly help our housing market. As you can see from the chart, two industries connected with real estate are at the bottom of the chart growth. Plus, since Realtors® are self-employed (don’t qualify for unemployment) we’re not even included in the unemployment numbers even though a substantial number of agents have had to exit the business.