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Good News On Central Ohio’s Unemployment Rate

September unemployment rates are out and Central Ohio performed slightly better than the State as a whole. Five of the eight counties in Central Ohio fell in September. Rates FELL in Franklin (7.7%), Fairfield (7.4%), Licking (7.8%), Morrow (8.2%) and Pickway (8.9%). Delaware remained FLAT at 6.3%. Rates ROSE in Madison (8.7%) and Union (7.7%).

The September rate for all of Ohio is 9.1%, but the rate FELL for 73 of the 88 counties. Delaware was one of six counties having a 7% or below rate.

Unemployment & Rates for Central Ohio

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This graph shows the number of unemployed people in Delaware and Union Counties. Between 2000 thru 2008, the rate of unemployed people was at or below 5% which I believe is considered “OK” for the economy. Then in 2009 the rate spiked and increased again in 2010. For Delaware County, even though the rates hovered between 3-4%, the number of unemployed increased but so did the population of Delaware County during those years, as the southern portion of the county grew tremendously.

Employed vs Unemployed for 2010

  • FRANKLIN COUNTY: in 2010, 573,600 were employed, 53,500 were unemployed, 8.5% rate.
  • DELAWARE COUNTY: in 2010, 85,700 were employed, 6,600 were unemployed, 7.1% rate .
  • UNION COUNTY: in 2010, 23,700 were employed, 2,200 were unemployed, 8.4% rate.


Richest Communities in Central Ohio

American City Business Journals, a parent to Columbus Business First, compiled a list of the richest communities. In Ohio, New Albany came in 2nd, Powell is #11, and Dublin is #13. Indian Hill, a suburb of Cincinnati, was #1.

The measurement was the percentage of the population with household incomes over $150,000. Just under half of New Albany’s households have household incomes over that amount. Powell had 36% of households earning over $150,000 and Dublin had 35%.

Read more here. Plus you can search a database for other cities.

Olentangy school district has LOTS of kids

The U.S. Census Bureau data is interesting, but not always that surprising. The Dispatch published a map that shows the percentage of kids under age 18 according to the school district area in which they live. The caveat is that the child may or may not attend the schools in the district where they live (perhaps they attend a private school).

Statewide, 23.7% of Ohio residents are younger than 18. In Central Ohio …

Four school districts exceed 30%: Olentangy 32.8%; New Albany 31.9%; Pickerington 31.1%; and Canal Winchester 30.9%.

central ohio school map of students under 18

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Young families typically seek to live in a district that meets their needs/wants for their offspring yet is affordable for their home budget. Too many or too few students has implications on the district’s budget. A high ratio of kids, like Olentangy, can put pressure on needing to pass levies to build new schools. A low ratio, like Columbus, can cause lack of support to pass levies if residents don’t have school-age children.

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Delaware County 2010 Census Data Released

The 2010 Census data is out for Delaware County. The county remains the fastest growing county in the state, increasing by 58.4% since 2000. During those 10 years, the population increased from 109,989 to 174,214.

The growth was not evenly distributed throughout the county, however. As I’ve reported here before, the growth and the density is primarily in the southern portion of the county. The new Census confirmed it. The areas in the county with the highest population increases are shown in the map below. Essentially all the area in the lavender box are the high-growth areas.

Delaware County Ohio map

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  • the Polaris area was up 280%.
  • Concord township region was up 127%.
  • Galena area was up 114%.
  • Genoa Township region up 104%.
  • Orange Township region up 91%.
  • Powell area up 84%.

DATA SOURCE: Delaware Gazette, Staff Writer Kate Liebers

Delaware County jobless rate is lowest in Ohio

The Ohio Dept of Job and Family Services has issued Ohio’s jobless rate for April and Delaware County is the lowest in the State at 6.6%. The State rate is 10.2%.

This isn’t too surprising as the southern portion of the county – where most of the population is – is primarily bedroom communities. The residents live here but work elsewhere. According to the Delaware Area Chamber of Commerce, 60% of the county’s workforce actually work outside the county.

Neighboring counties have more jobs and thus higher jobless rates. Franklin County’s rate is 8.1% and Union County, where Scotts-Miracle Gro Co and Honda are located, is 8.4%.

The bedroom communities located in southern Delaware County are Powell, Lewis Center, Galena, Delaware city and a portion of Dublin (Muirfield). Olentangy is the largest school district in the southern part. Portions of Big Walnut SD, Buckeye Valley SD and Delaware SD are also located in the southern portion of the county.

If you would like to live in this great county, give me a call. I live here too and can help you find a terrific home.

Information source is

Our country is going to the dogs!

Fooled you … this is NOT a political rant! This is just a light-hearted fun post. I decided we could use that on a Sunday morning.

A recent Forbes article discusses America’s love affair with pets, specifically dogs. According to the American Kennel Club, the Top 10 breeds are: Yorkie, German Shepherd, Golden, Beagle, Boxer, DACHSHUND, Bulldog, Poodle, and Shih Tzu.

The Murph is pleased to have made the list.

The Forbes article also includes a photo tour of the Top 10 breeds by city. For Columbus, OH the Top 10 are: Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, Yorkie, Boxer, Golden, Poodle, Bulldog, Miniature Schnauzer, DACHSHUND, and Doberman.

As a Dobie lover … I’ve had 3 … I’m glad to see they made the list as well. They made it to the Top 10 in only a few cities, but Doxies made it to the list for most cities.

“The list reflects the times,” says Sarah Wilson, expert for PBS’s Why We Love Cats and Dogs. “These dogs are friendly and happy and love to lie on their owner’s lap. People want a dog that is a companion and that they can cuddle with.”

Anyone who is owned by a dog, knows that special feeling of being greeted at the door by an energetic tail-wagger when we come home from a hard day. They reduce our blood pressure and make us feel really special. Their exuberance is reflected in their whole body … then they go take a nap.

The article went on to say that even in the current economy, spending on pet supplies and OTC medicines is projected to have increased 5.1% last year to $10.3 billion.

Maybe I should tell my daughter – who works for a stock brokerage firm – to move my IRA to the pet industry. Perhaps, I could get back some of the money I’ve lost.