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Tee-Hee … no more robo calls for me!

phoneI finally got rid of my land line phone. I had written about doing that last summer but I kept putting it off until I was REALLY, REALLY sure.

I haven’t had the land line for a couple weeks now. I stopped using the land line phone eons ago when I got my first cell phone. I kept it for my fax machine, which we now no longer use either. We use scanners and send pdf’s.

The only people who used my land line were the political robo calls. It really bothered me to pay a monthly charge just for the politicians’ benefit. I’ll be free of that nuisance come this fall, while the rest of you will be slamming down the receiver and saying not-so-nice things about their parentage.

I know that the number of people canceling their land lines is increasing. What I’ve wondered is what will the political polling people do? Obviously, as more people switch to cell-only, the polls will no longer represent the general populace. How will that affect the polling results? Which party do you suppose is more likely to go the cell-only route? Republicans? Democrats? Independents?

Won’t it be fun to have the politicians … AND the news media … to not have a clue on the results until the votes are actually counted! Tee-hee-hee.


I made an awesome list …

Blog Tour USA 2006, Worthington Ohio 43085

Joe (left), Rudy (middle)

Last night I received a surprise recognition from Sellsius (Joe Ferrara, real estate attorney, NY). For the past four years, Joe has selected the Top 12 Women Real Estate Bloggers. As he says on his blog, he looks for women who are “pushing the envelope, using video, and sharing community service, charity and education beyond the written word“. I made Joe’s list for 2009. I am so shocked and thrilled to receive this national recognition. 

I had the priviledge of meeting Joe in 2006 when he and Rudy Bachraty (now with Trulia) were on a bus tour for Blog USA across America. They made a stop at the Real Living HER office in Worthington. 

Top 12 Women Real Estate Bloggers 2009

Click to read Sellsius' post on the Top 12 list with photos

While I’ve not personally met any of the women in the list, I do read some of them and follow them on Twitter or Facebook. Via their local blogs, they provide a lot of good real estate market info for their readers. They’ve kept up on technology as well as their market. That’s impressive. 

Some of the current and past winners are listed on my side bar. If you’re planning to relocate to any of those areas, I highly recommend giving those top agents a call for assistance. The other eleven 2009 Top Women Bloggers for 2009 are: 

OK, enough with the self-promotion … now back to the real estate biz.

Check the battery & the hard drive … and sweep out the dog hair

I wish computer repair shops would set their business up like car repair shops. When the WEENR-mobile needs service, I call the dealer to make an appointment. Then I can wait in their lounge while the service is done. If the specific repair will take more than one day, I can arrange to rent a car.

My laptop is as critical to my business as the WEENR-mobile is. But with a computer repair store, I can’t schedule an appointment for the service. Many want you to leave the computer so they can work on it as they have time.

One of the repair companies actually has just one place where the computers are repaired, so one day is wasted as a delivery person makes rounds to the stores to pick up computers then takes them to the repair place. Another day is wasted as they repeat that process taking the computer back to the store after it’s repaired. I’m sure this is an efficient set-up for them by having all the technicians and repair supplies in one place, but it can hardly be said to be “good customer service”.

Computers are such a critical part of our lives – just like our cars – but we don’t have an option to get a rental, like we can with a car. We also can’t schedule to bring our computers in for routine service and know that we can have it in a couple hours. I’ve even heard them say they may have to send it to the manufacturer for repair. Imagine having a car dealer tell us the vehicle has to go back to the manufacturer for repair.

Perhaps it’s because the computer repair folks are first and foremost geeks, and not business people so they may not be as tuned into the importance of customer service.

Can you tell, I just had some computer issues? Perhaps, if I could schedule my laptop for a tune-up like my car, I would have it serviced regularly so that major problems could be avoided. I’d be far more willing to take it in on a regular basis to have all the DOG HAIR swept out of it. Yep, that was a big part of the problem! Thanks, Murph!

Talk, Talk, Talk … Text, Text, Text … just not FTF*

Are you tired of hearing the term “social media“? If you don’t participate, you probably are. I DO participate and even I’m a little tired of the term. IMO, it’s really a misnomer as it can be anything BUT social.

People sit in meetings or restaurants with their head down – thumbs flying on their smart phone – totally oblivious to the REAL people around them. As I’ve said before, I’m a chatterer. I was in the Verizon store earlier this week, talking to a young woman – also waiting – when she mentioned that she has “just a phone”. If you have “just a phone”, do you feel as though you have to apologize for being so “antiquated”?

Have you ever heard people refer to other people by their Twitter name rather than the name their parents gave them? (I’m @ReesesPeanut in case you don’t know.) Have you canceled your newspaper subscription because you get all your news online? Have you switched which TV news station you watch based on which one uses Twitter so you can comment to them in real time? If someone tells you something, have you ever responded with, “yes, I read that on Twitter yesterday“?

Are you making business connections on LinkedIn, perhaps hoping to land an opportunity for a new job? I recently coordinated a get-together of people I used to work with via LinkedIn. We had a lot of fun and it wasn’t a bunch of Gen X or Y’ers that attended. Have you heard that the fastest growing group on Facebook are women over 55?

Whether you’re into the social media thing or not, you should watch this YouTube video that’s been making the rounds on various blogs. Good or bad, the way we communicate has changed. What’s your thoughts on this change?

* FTF = face-to-face.

The “NEW” junk drawer

Admit it! Doesn’t everyone have one? Isn’t there one in every kitchen?

You know, that one drawer where you put those things that you don’t know where to put any place else. Those things that you want to keep close at hand “just in case” you need them.

Then one day you get ambitious and decide to ORGANIZE the junk drawer. Big mistake!

You know full well that if you throw something out that next week you’ll need it. Then we’ll see you upside down in the big trash toter sorting through smelly pizza boxes and other unpleasant things, trying to find that one tiny piece that is now oh-so important. It’s dumpster-diving run amok.

Well, like most other people, I have that junk drawer with all the tiny piece-parts. But now I’m getting a second drawer, too. Anytime I buy some electronic device they come with their own set of cords … and of course, none of them fit any other device. There are cords for recharging using electricity. Cords for recharging using the car battery. Cords for connecting the device to the computer. I have old phones, most of which died as soon as their warranty was kaput. I have a car recharger for my laptop which I bought last year when we didn’t have electricity for days after Hurricane Ike. Then there are all the Instruction manuals, which I only read when trouble-shooting is called for.

junk drawer 002

One of these days, I’ll organize this drawer and put nice little color-coded labels on each of these cords so I’ll easily remember which one goes with the Nikon CORDScamera and which one goes with the Sony camera and which one goes with the new Blackberry and which goes to the old unusable phones. I just don’t have time to do it right now ……..

I’m outside the Verizon store protesting for universal cords!

The Google Toolbar simplifies life.

Here’s a handy computer tip for you. If you install the Google Toolbar, you can easily perform searches on Google without closing out the web site you’re currently on since a new page tab will open for the search results.

A Google search box is included with the tool bar, so simply type in the keywords of the search, and voilá, you’ll get your results. You can easily search maps by entering an address into the search box. There is a spellcheck feature which I find works a little better for checking email messages or my blog posts. Or if you wonder who owns that phone number that’s calling you as a telemarketer, simply type the phone number – with dashes – into the search box. Chances are other people have already reported the number and you’ll be able to see the complaints.

The Toolbar has other features as well, so you can have it show the icons that are most beneficial to you. Once you add it to your other toolbars, I think you’ll find it a handy gadget. When I occasionally use the computers in the Worthington office, which don’t have the Google Toolbar, I really miss it. You might want to try it.