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1 Million Patriot HOGS

muslim protestVarious events were planned yesterday to remember the tragedy of 9/11/01. One of the controversial events was a “Million Muslim March” to be held in DC on the National Mall. Fortunately it totally fizzled with only 21 people participating (see red circle).

To counter the muslim march, Harley Davidson bikers (HOGS) decided to ride thru DC to show USA solidarity and to override any chants, prayers and provide visible display of America’s Patriotism and remembrance of the victims who died as a result of muslims flying planes into our buildings.

The last count that I saw for the bikers was “over 1 million”. Many people posted photos and videos on Twitter. It was quite a site and I loved the throaty roar of the Harley engines. It made me proud to see so many people take a stand for what our country used to be and for Free Speech (DC had refused to grant the bikers a permit, but issued one for the muslims).

Since the MSM (NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN) didn’t cover the bikers, I hope you enjoy seeing some clips that were on Twitter.

Remember … Harley Davidson is a Made In America product.

Million Bikers in DC

Million Bikers in DC


OSU Buckeyes to go to Gator Bowl

OSU plays Florida in Jan 2 Gator Bowl

It’s been announced that the Buckeyes will be going to the Gator Bowl on Jan 2 to play Florida. If you’re wanting to make a trip to the bowl game, here’s a LOCAL travel agent that can arrange a Bowl Package for you:

Allons Travel, Mary Stephan
Twitter: @AllonsTravel

The photo above was a tweet-up to cheer on Rt 315 traffic. Mary is on the right.


Another idiotic idea from a politician

Blackberry phoneI think I’m going to start a section of my blog that reports only on the stupid things politicians do. Like 60%+ of the nation, I am so disgusted with those folks in DC. They are so out-of-touch with life beyond the beltway.

Fortunately, Twitter provides information on what’s REALLY going on since the mainstream media is too focused on what Hollywood is doing. Here’s a story that you won’t see on the evening news until it’s too late.

Nebraska Congressman proposing a bill to permit robo calls to cellphones

Rep. Lee Terry (R-Neb) is sponsoring a bill that would loosen restrictions on telemarketing calls to cellphones.  Here’s his reasoning:

Terry says his bill is a badly-needed update to that law (TCPA 1991) and would only allow calls for “informational purposes” and only to people who opt-in to receive them.

The way he describes the “information”, I think it would be similar to the CODE RED calls that I’ve signed up for from Delaware County to alert me to dangerous weather. I decided to give the CodeRed website my cell number all by myself without any intervention required by the government. I don’t “badly need” or want the government deciding that for me.

Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore) said that “now most consumers have buckets of minutes so receiving an additional call costs them nothing“. Maybe HE has buckets of minutes because the Oregon taxpayers are probably paying HIS cell phone, but most people still have limited plans.

Don’t know about you, but I already get robo calls to my cell even though the 1991 Telephone Consumer Protection Act prohibits automated dialing to mobile phones. I currently have 20 such numbers programmed into my cell to block them because they’re spam calls made from bogus numbers, so the do-not-call system doesn’t work.

Walden says he has no intention of “unleashing telemarketers on us”. How many of you believe that if this bill passes, it will only be a matter of time until politicians are excluded and thus, allowed to make their obnoxious robo calls during political elections. If Reps Terry and Walden continue pushing this bill, then I want to know THEIR cell number!

I also wonder why anyone in DC is working on such a worthless bill when they should be working on ways to reduce the deficit, taxes and regulations to help small businesses so they can create jobs for people. Where are their priorities!

Stepping off my soapbox now …

The Wheels on the Bus go round & round

Like other states, Ohio has a budget problem that our new Republican Governor is trying to fix. Discussions are taking place on revenue options for schools to prevent taxes from being raised to solve the budget problem. It’s been suggested that schools be allowed to sell ad space on the school buses.

If this occurs, I just know that Realtors® will be the first to buy ad space for the visibility throughout neighborhood homes. They’re the same agents who paste their face on park benches and grocery carts.

school busesA twitter person questioned why schools didn’t just purchase smaller buses, since we seldom see a bus full of kids except for teams and bands. That started me to wonder why the design of school buses hasn’t changed for eons. Even though our cars have changed drastically and become much safer, school buses still look essentially the same as when I was a kid.

They’re high-profile, not aerodynamic, and still use the hard brown seats without seatbelts. I don’t understand why they need to be so high unless it’s to allow people to stand up inside.

I wonder if buses could be downsized to a Hummer-like long vehicle like a limo? Since many schools pick up elementary kids separate from the highschool kids, they’re carrying fewer students each trip out. Maybe two of the Hummer-type buses could replace one typical bus at less cost with greater safety built-in. How important is it to stand up in the bus vs the potential cost savings?

Does anyone know whether there have been any challenges to the typical school bus design? Is there a perfectly good reason for the design to stay the same? Or has no one asked the question as to why this sacred cow remains unchanged?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I can’t get there from here …

central Ohio road construction in Delaware CountyIt’s summer … time for road construction. Getting to my Powell office is becoming more of a challenge. There are three projects underway that impact Home Rd and Liberty Rd.

  1. Liberty Rd is closed just south of Hawthorn Bl (Stratford Woods subdivision). It will be closed for about a month as a new culvert is put in.
  2. The Liberty Rd north & south junctions at Home Rd are being joined where the eastern section of Liberty joins Home Rd. This will be a great improvement as a stoplight is to also be installed. Depending on the time of day, it was becoming increasingly difficult to turn onto Home Rd from Liberty Rd
  3. Home Rd is to have an overpass built over the RR tracks. Last that I read on this project is that a temporary side road is to be built for use while the overpass is built. I suspect that project – and mess – will be with us for awhile.

Planning to use Rt 23 south of Delaware? A project to join Winter Rd with Peachblow Rd is slowing traffic somewhat in that area. Probably when its done YET ANOTHER STOPLIGHT will be installed on Rt 23. The number of stoplights that have been installed between the Rt 315/Rt 23 junction to the Powell Rd/Rt 23 intersection in the past ten years has been unbelievable!!!!

One positive bit of construction is that a Dairy Queen is being built at the new Kroger shopping center at the corner of Rt 23 and Lewis Center Rd. Now THAT’S construction I can enjoy! Nothing like sipping a cold malted while stopped at one of the friggin’ stop lights on Rt 23.

All you crotch-rocketeers … please be careful!

motorcycleThis isn’t a real estate post, but a personal one. I noticed that yet another motorcyclist has been killed locally. It seems there have been several this summer. While I’ve never ridden on one, I’m sure they’re a lot of fun, at least they look that way. I’m also sure it’s more exhilarating to ride without all the helmet gear, but oh so much more dangerous.

Now, please don’t crucify me with nasty comments, but I don’t like to drive behind cycles nor do I like to have them right behind me. They make me very nervous. Here’s why.

In the mid-90’s when I lived in Tucson, I was stopped while waiting for a car in front to make a left turn into a Circle K store. I happened to notice a cyclist approaching rather quickly from behind. Since there was very little traffic, it was – or should have been – easy for him to see us sitting there. As he got closer without seeming to slow his speed, I assumed he would buzz around us at the last moment, since the road was extra wide to allow him to do that.

scan0001Apparently, he hadn’t noticed our cars sitting there. Perhaps he was enjoying the view of the mountains, which can be a problem out there – you tend to get lulled into the beauty. Anyway, he saw us too late … he swerved too late … and he slammed into the back of my Jeep.

Words can’t describe what the sound of a body hitting your car is like or the moaning this 24-yr old made afterward. I can still hear it and it’s haunting.

This photo shows only part of the damage. His body hit the back rear corner, but the force bent the entire frame leaving it twisted upward. Both rear doors were shoved forward such that they were jammed and wouldn’t open. Even the two front doors were affected. Imagine the body of a 180-200 lb young man doing this much damage to steel and metal.

The insurance agent wouldn’t allow me to check on him later, but reportedly his face, ribs, hip, and leg were all broken. I don’t know what other internal injuries he had. The only thing that saved his life was a full helmet and leather jacket and pants.

So all you cyclists out there … please, be careful. People like me are worried about people like you. Afterall, they’re called crotch rockets for a reason.