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A Look Back at 2017

2017 was an interesting year. Mostly it was a good year, but there were a few ‘bad’ things. I’ll start with the bad first. Both my home and my Jeep are now 20 years old, so it’s been a year of rather costly maintenance on both. Water heater, large maple tree removed, fence repair, exterior trim painting, new fridge, some new faucets, etc. Typical homeowner expenses.

The good news is Murph is 13 yrs old and I’m grateful to still have him. He’s a little deaf and moves more slowly but he still has spirit and is unbelievably spoiled. Another granddaughter got married so my family increased by ONE. I still have great neighbors who sometimes help me with projects or scold me when they see me doing something they think I shouldn’t – like climbing ladders! And of course, I’m so thankful for my loving family!

I’m also glad we have a President who is working for the people and America. He’s eliminated many, many regulations that made it difficult and costly for businesses. He’s working to secure our borders and deporting illegals who commit crimes. ISIS has almost been decimated. He’s installed dozens of Constitutional Judges to rule based on law, not progressive activism. Starting in 2018 we’ll get tax cuts for Americans and Corporations which will infuse money into the economy to grow it. Anyone with a 401K or pension fund benefitted from the skyrocketing stock market. Best of all is a direction to consider America First rather than globalism and the New World Order concept. Now if Obama and Hillary would just go away, life would be good.

I’m excited about 2018 and what new exciting things it will bring.


Time for End-Year Look at NICS Background Checks

The New Year is here … FINALLY! It’s time to review year-end results. The media will be doing a lot of this “Year In Review“. For me, I updated the year-end results of FBI NICS Background Checks. The two charts in the far right column of this blog show the most recent results for both the National and Ohio background checks.

There are two other graphs that I’ve updated from last year-end. Both these graphs compare TOTAL YEAR results for National and Ohio. Both charts show the effect of Obama’s years in office. There was an upward swing when he took office because he was known to be anti-gun, and recently said the one goal he wasn’t able to achieve was to take guns away from people. Time will tell whether the upswings continue under a President Trump.

NICS National Background Checks

In Ohio, the FBI did 480,144 more checks for 2016 than they did in 2009!
NICS Ohio Background Checks

As it has been said, Obama has been the BEST gun salesman in history.

Ohio’s Crime Rate Lower Than Nat’l Average

Columbus’ Business First had a link to a report on Safe Places to Live in Ohio. Although none of Central Ohio’s communities made the Top 20, three were between 20-25. Powell was ranked 21, Marysville ranked 23 and Dublin ranked 25. Upper Arlington ranked 31.

“In terms of feeling secure, Ohio’s crime rate is significantly lower than the national average. Between 2013 and 2014, both violent and property crime rates declined with some of the steepest drops occurring in the robbery and burglary categories.”

Glock 19 Gen 4The article said that Ohio’s Crime Rate is significantly lower than the National Average. Although not mentioned in the article, I wonder if Ohio’s open-carry law and the popularity of concealed carry licenses is due somewhat to lower crime rates.

Gov John Kasich speaks at Faith & Freedom Coalition

Our Governor, John Kasich, was one of the 2016 Presidential speakers at the Faith and Freedom Coalition in DC. I think most of us in Ohio are aware of Gov Kasich’s Christian belief. Taking care of the poor played into his decision to extend Medicaid portion of ObamaCare – even though he has been criticized for this action. As always, the Gov doesn’t use a prompter, but speaks what he believes. This speech was particularly good! I highly recommend you watch this video and see what really drives this man.






2016 GOP Presidential Candidates – update

This week’s big news was Sen Ted Cruz’s announcement that he is running for President. Immediately liberal’s heads exploded and their furor has continued since with comments made to him that were never asked of Obama. Even so, Cruz raised $2million within 3 days after his announcement.

According to Twitter, the two comments that received the most disgust were from Whoopi Goldberg and Rep Pete King. Whoopi asked if Cruz was commenting from his Cuban half or his white half. She would NEVER have asked that of biracial Obama. Rep King said if Cruz was nominated he would jump off a bridge.

It’s been reported that Sen Marco Rubio and Sen Rand Paul will announce in early-mid April.

Here’s an updated “2016 GOP Presidential Candidates” chart. Think of this as March Madness bracket for politicians. Oh, it’s going to be a fun year!

2016 GOP candidates

An Update On Chinch Bug Lawn Repair

In September I wrote about the chinch bug damage that I had in my lawn. The critters did a lot of damage throughout my neighborhood. As they suck out the juices of the grass plant, they inject a toxin that kills the plant so if the damage is to large areas, re-seeding is required. Some neighbors had their entire front lawn demolished.

I hired Terra Horticulture* to aerate the lawn prior to the final September weed & feed application from Scotts Lawn Service. I seeded the areas that were “larger than a dinner plate” knowing that the areas smaller than that would eventually fill in with the bluegrass rhizomes. Then in mid-October I applied Scotts® Green Max which contains iron to give an extra green boost to the grass.

Here’s a “before & after” photo of a section of the back yard that was damaged.

Chinch Bug Repair

This section of the front lawn didn’t sustain as much damage, but it has responded nicely to the Green Max fertilizer. These photos were taken about a month ago.
Front lawn fall 2012

With the continued rains during November and frequent leaf raking, my lawn is now going into winter looking really good considering how bad it looked in August.

* Later I also had Terra edge the beds, prune the ornamental grasses and add mulch. Let THEM do the back-breaking work!

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