Reese’s Peanut Team

Reeses Peanut Team

I confess I am a “dog person”, so expect my best friend, Murphy, to be referenced in some of my postings (see all “Dog Tails” articles).

Dogs have been a part of my life ALL my life.

I shared my life with three Dobermans over the course of 17 years, and I love that breed. But their health problems and short lives hurt so much when I lost them. Here’s a Tribute to my 3 Dobes:

After losing my last Dobie, I decided to get a smaller, hopefully longer-lived, breed.

THE MURPH, as he is affectionately referred to, is a typical, comical wiener dog who thinks he is much larger and far more ferocious than he really is.

Sad Eyes - copyrightedIn reality, he’s a very spoiled miniature long-haired dachshund with a big dog attitude who takes himself very seriously.

Copyrighted Murphy car seatHe rides shotgun in the WEENR-mobile  … safely strapped into his car seat so he can watch the world go by.

When The Murph was a little guy, I took some funny photos of him in various holiday costumes. I put together a photo video of these photos.

View all of Murphy’s videos on his YouTube Channel.

Click on his OSU costume to see the photo show on YouTube®

Copyrighted Murphy OSU cutout

I also took a video of him watching his favorite TV show … America’s Funniest Videos. Lots of barking, jumping and flying off his ramp. My daughter made the ramp for him when he was tiny and its purpose was to protect his doxie back. Yeah, right! Who knew he would use it as a launching pad!!! Click on the image below to watch the “flying dachshund” on YouTube®.

The Murph watches AFV

Or watch The Murph defend us from the CAR WASH MONSTER!

Or watch The Murph “try” (and fail) to take on the “Attack Rabbit”

Or watch The Murph look for a good hiding place for his Iams treat.