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2016 Election Just Got Really Critical

US-ConstitutionLast weekend the importance of the 2016 election reached critical status with the sudden death of Justice Scalia. His staunch belief that the Constitution should be interpreted exactly as it was written and according to life Justice Scaliaas it was when the Constitution was written. He did not believe the Constitution was a “living breathing” document subject to interpretation according to current trends as the liberal Justices believe.

The example he used to illustrate this difference was whether the electric chair was cruel and unusual punishment. At the time the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution, hanging was customarily used for death. Thus the electric chair is less cruel than hanging.

Although the Supreme Court SHOULD BE non-partisan, we all know that is not the case. Before Justice Scalia’s death, many decisions were split 5-4, with 5 Conservatives and 4 Liberals. When Presidents are confronted with nominating a new Justice, due to a death or retirement, they try to select one that matches their own political views. No doubt, Obama is an extreme leftist. So he will try nominate a similar thinking Justice on the Court. The Senate has the final say as to whether to consider or appoint Obama’s nomination. Conservatives are adamant that the Senate does not accept a liberal Justice. We’ll see whether they hold firm or cave as they have to other Obama leftwing attempts.

What’s at stake? Mainly the 1st and 2nd Amendments. With 5 liberals on the Court, they could minimize or eliminate religious freedom AND they could eliminate the 2nd Amendment which removes our right to own guns. If you consider all the things liberals would really like America to be like, you can understand why people say America will no longer be America if a liberal is put on the Court.

Ted Cruz is the strongest presidential candidate on knowledge of the Constitution. He memorized it as a young teen and as argued cases before the Supreme Court and won them all. Last night Ted Cruz spoke at Conservative Review’s Convention in South Carolina. He explains this Constitution issue and the importance of selecting a new Justice much better than I can. Yes, it’s a campaign speech but the main topic is the Constitution and worth viewing. This video is of that speech. I recommend viewing it if you want to understand this issue and how YOUR LIFE might be impacted by voting for the wrong person for President.