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Do you judge your favored candidate by donations?

One of the attractions that supporters have for Donald Trump is that with his wealth, he is not taking money from big donors. He says he is free to do as he pleases, and does not take orders from the big donors. Naturally, if a wealthy person gives megabucks, they tend to want to later receive “favors” from the candidate. Just like ordinary people may send a few dollars to a candidate that holds their views, the big donors do as well.

Bloomberg Business recently posted charts of the donations each candidate has received from July 1 thru Sept 30, 2015. They broke it down to large donations (Over $200 – $2700) and small donations (less than $200). Of course, this data does not include the Super PACs since they must be under separate control.

Some candidates receive almost all of their funds from large donors. We mostly know who those people are. Then there are others who get their support from the “grassroots” folks. Likewise, we can guess who those people are. Just because a candidate receives megabucks from megadonors does not necessarily result in the candidate leading in the polls. Jeb Bush is an example of this.

I made a graph from the Bloomberg data to better compare the relationship of the amount of money being funneled to the candidates. Are you surprised by the top recipient and that she gets 82% of the donations from the rich folks?

2015 Presidential Candidates Donations

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On the GOP side, many of the big donors are holding back to see what happens as the field narrows. Grassroots people may be doing the same thing. Judging by all the emails I receive from several of the candidates, I’m certain this is happening. It’s unfortunate that it costs so much to run a campaign. We may not always get the best person for the most important job in the U.S., but MONEY TALKS!

Get Ready to Rumble!

Finally, all the 20 candidates who are running for President in 2016 have “officially” announced they are running. The fun has begun and it’s going to be a LONG sixteen months.

On the GOP side, The Donald is getting all the press attention because he is “colorful”. Not behaving very presidential, but is saying what people want to hear, even if they don’t approve of the way he says it. He’s attacking everyone … other candidates, the POW’s, the press. Basically everyone except Donald is stupid. We’ll see how that plays out over time.

On the Dem side, Hillary continues her stealth campaign avoiding the press and not answering any questions. Meanwhile the Socialist, Bernie Sanders, is drawing large crowds and challenging Hillary in the polls.

It’s time to stock up on popcorn! 🙂

2016 GOP candidates 7/21/15

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2016 DEM candidates 7/21/15

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