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Background checks increase since Obama

EDIT: See Year-End Update Article

Yesterday we had another shooting in a gun-free zone. Naturally Obama immediately called for more gun control laws. During his seven years in office, every time he does this, gun sales increase. The gun industry has named him their Top Salesman. Requests for NCIS background checks has increased substantially since Obama took office. (The number of background checks does not equate to number of firearms sold).

I compiled these charts from the data available at FBI.gov. The following chart shows National background checks by year since 1999. Red equals Obama’s tenure.

National NCIS Background Checks by Year

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The following chart shows National background checks for YTD for 2015 vs 2014. The total for 2014 was 15,251,997 versus 15,607,587 in 2015 for a 2% increase.

National NCIS background checks 2015 v 2014

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The following chart shows Ohio background checks for YTD for 2015 vs 2014. So far, checks are up 19% for the year, increasing from 407,132 in 2014 to 484,533 in 2015.

NCIS Ohio background checks

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The States with the most background checks thru Sept 2015 are:

  • Kentucky – 2,337,494
  • California – 1,164,808
  • Texas – 1,059,166
  • Illinois – 839,396
  • Florida – 780,097
  • Pennsylvania – 653,215

To check your own State, go to FBI.gov then use the Search box to request the data you want.

Granny get your gun!

Have you heard that Obama has been the top salesman for gun manufacturers. Every time he tries to take guns away from a specific group, or tries to ban a specific weapon, then gun sales increase. It angers me when I hear someone want to control gun ownership and they have bodyguards surrounding them. YOU FIRST!!!! Get rid of their gun-carrying bodyguards THEN tell us we have to give up guns.

The last four months have seen record background check requests. (These numbers don’t indicate gun sales since a person can buy multiple guns with just one background check.)

  • MAY: 1,580,980 – an increase of 100,000 over May 2014
  • JUNE: 1,529,057 – an increase of 150,000 over June 2014
  • JULY: 1,600,832 – an increase of 200,000 over July 2014
  • AUGUST: 1,745,410 – an increase of 200,000 over August 2014

Earlier this summer, Obama made a statement that he would like to “TAKE” guns away from anyone receiving Social Security if they “can’t balance their checkbook”!

I decided it was time for me to arm myself because America is becoming a really crazy place, so I signed up for a beginner’s training course at Blackwing Shooting Center. Class size was limited due to indoor shooting lanes, so there were only 10 of us taking the 3-hour course. Six of the 10 were like me … senior citizens. Glock 19 Gen 4

I’ve done LOTS of research, watched LOTS of videos comparing brands, and rented my final two choices several times to make sure I liked and could handle the gun comfortably. I passed the background check and now am a proud gun owner. I’ll be in the statistics for September!

PROTECT OUR 2nd AMENDMENT RIGHT because it protects your 1st AMENDMENT RIGHT!

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