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Does a new roof qualify as an economic stimulus?

Well, I’m having to go through what a number of my clients – or others – have. One too many high wind gusts has deemed that I need a new roof. This past winter and spring’s big storms have finally done it in.

My home is only 13 years old and loosing shingles during storms with winds over 30 mph, has been a continual problem during the 11 years I’ve owned it. A couple years after buying it, I contacted the builder thinking it might be under warranty. They said it was out of their warranty and that I should contact the manufacturer of the shingles. That manufacturer said there was nothing wrong with their shingles, but that the problem was with the subs who installed the roof. So, I went back to the builder and they said they don’t track who the subs are on a given job.

Is anyone out there surprised that I got this run-around?

We had strong winds again a few weeks ago, so I lost a few more shingles. Once again, I called my favorite roofer. He promptly came out, but the news was not good this time. There were a lot more shingles missing that I couldn’t see, plus many of the tabs were lifted, meaning that the next strong wind would send THEM flying.

He delivered the bad news. IT’S TIME … I really need a new roof.

So I called my insurance agent and filed a claim – only my second one – after paying the insurance for 20 years of home ownership. The other claim was when lightening hit the home. No fire but it killed a number of appliances.

Today the insurance adjuster and the roofer came to do the inspection. Thankfully, the adjuster agreed that my roof was ca-put, so the next step is for him to process the claim and send the check so I can get the roofer started. Both guys said the original problem was that the roof was put on with staples, not nails. The adjuster said that using staples no longer meets building codes.

Gee, wish they’d changed the codes before my home was built.

When I took the photo above, I told them I wouldn’t do their job for ANY amount of money – don’t like heights. They told me they didn’t think they would like MY JOB either, given the real estate market in the past year. Oh, well … whatever floats your boat.