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5 Cures for Cabin Fever

cabin in snowBy now, you’ve probably got a good case of cabin fever. At first, it was pretty and many enjoyed some welcomed days off. But now, it’s worn out its welcome, plus, the kiddies may be driving you crazy.

When I was growing up, my parents planted very large gardens. During the winter, they would pour over several seed catalogs, deciding what new, improved varieties they wanted to plant in the Spring. It took their minds off the cold winter by looking forward to warmer weather.

Well, if you’re not into planting a garden, here are some things you can do during this down time.

  1. Start planning an update to your landscaping. Whether adding new plants or redoing overgrown ones, it’s a good time to talk to the landscape design companies. Although the workers are plowing parking lots, the sales staff may not be busy, so it’s a good time to schedule an appointment with them to draw up a design.
  2. Plan to add a deck, patio or fence. Just like the landscapers, this is a down period for the contractors. With last year’s economy, they may be eager for business, plus, should have ample time to work on your design.
  3. Have your lawn mower serviced. Also, take advantage of early-bird sales on lawn fertilizers. You may also need to watch for snow mold with all this snow cover.
  4. Schedule a roofer to inspect your roof, gutters and downspouts for damage due the weight of this snow. Once the weather breaks, they may get busy so you might want to get into their early schedule now.
  5. Planning to have a garage/tag sale? It’s a great time to start gathering and pricing your items now. This also gives the family time to argue about which old T-shirts stay or go. 🙂

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It’s Spring … if only for a day!

copyrighted-daffodils.jpgMY EYES!


I can’t see!

What’s that big ball of fire in the sky???

OK, that’s a little dramatic, but I did have to wear sun glasses today because my eyes weren’t used to the bright light.

Today was the first day of Spring, and it looked that way. As I was out tooling around southern Delaware County doing real estate things, I saw several signs of people at least preparing for warmer weather.

Most noticeable as I was up and down Rt 23 were the Scotts® trucks hauling the products that will be stocking the Home Depot, Lowe’s and Meijer’s stores. I also saw several flatbed trucks hauling pallets of mulch, doing the same thing as the Scotts® trucks. Once we can clean up the debris in our yards, it will be time to apply the crabgrass preventer and put new mulch around our landscaping.

After the awful winter we’ve had, I feel like the pretty butterfly on the Scotts® trucks … breaking free of a winter cocoon.

I noticed that my daffodils are popping up about 4″. There’s a tinge of yellow showing through the tops of the early ones. That’s a good sign of Spring.

The birds were chirping loudly … I’m sure they’re eager for winter to be over so they can start preparing their nests for the next generation of chirpers. The little male finches are changing to their brighter yellow or red feathers that they use to attract a mate.

I met my two daughters for lunch at Potbellies in Dublin, to celebrate the younger one’s birthday. (Good sandwiches!) The mood of the customers seemed more upbeat thanks to the welcomed sun. We all three work in industries being impacted by the economy, so we needed some light-hearted cheer.

Based on the mood change that I saw today in people, I’m going to go out on a limb and project that as soon as the weather really does break, real estate agents are going to be swamped with buyers. I think there’s a lot of cabin-fever out there, and the smart buyers are going to take advantage of the lender’s programs to buy a home. Time will tell if my crystal ball is correct! 😉