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Ohio is Outshining Other States

Ohio’s unemployment drops for the 10th straight month.  Unemployment rate dropped for May, going from 7.4% in April to 7.3% in May. That compares quite favorably to the 9.2% rate in December 2010 before the new governor, John Kasich, took office.

The May numbers as being reported by local media are:

  • Ohio unemployment rate: 7.3% for May 2012; 7.4% for Apr 2012; 8.8% for May 2011.
  • U.S. unemployment rate: 8.2% for May 2012; 8.1% for Apr 2012; 9.0% for May 2011.
  • Ohio unemployed: 426,000 for May 2012; 431,000 for Apr 2012; 512,000 for May 2011.
  • Ohio employed: 5,158,900 for May 2012; 5,139,300 for Apr 2012.

According to one report (not verified) Ohio created 28% of all jobs created in U.S. in May. That’s quite outstanding if it’s true.

If you like to look at lots of numbers and charted graphs, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has historical graphs for each State. Click here for Ohio’s graphs.

Central Ohio High Schools Highly Rated

The American Institutes for Research worked with U.S. News & World Report to rank schools relative to how those students performed based on the state’s average, how the schools are preparing students for college, and how minority/low-income students perform vs similar students in the state. They did this for 20,000 high schools around the nation.

Five of the central Ohio schools were ranked within the Top 10 in the State. Nine were ranked in the Top 25 of the State. Here are their rankings:

American Institutes for Research School Rankings
School Ohio Rank National Rank
Bexley 2 120
Dublin Jerome 5 156
Olentangy Liberty 7 216
Upper Arlington 9 244
Olentangy 10 256
Olentangy Orange 16 393
Dublin Coffman 17 410
Dublin Scioto 22 583
New Albany 25 659

Bexley, Upper Arlington, Dublin Coffman, Dublin Scioto and New Albany are located in Franklin County. The remaining schools are in southern Delaware County.

Read the complete Columbus Business 1st article

Ohio Adds Most Jobs In Nation

EmploymentFebruary was another good month for Ohio’s unemployment rate.¹ The rate was 7.6% which is down from 7.7% in January. In Feb 2011, just after Gov Kasich was inaugurated the rate was 8.9%, so we’re doing well.

  • Workers unemployed in Feb: 443,000
  • Workers unemployed in Jan: 447,000
  • Workers unemployed 12 mos ago: 517,000

Ohio’s employment rose by 28,300 people in February.² That meant that Ohio added the most jobs in the Nation! (Texas was 2nd with 27,900 new people employed.)

  • Workers employed in Feb: 5,147,600
  • Workers employed in Jan: 5,119,300

¹ Ohio Unemployment Rate

² Ohio Added Most Jobs Nationally

Ohio Unemployment Declines Again in January

Ohio is on a roll! Unemployment rate dropped again for January, going from 7.9% in December to 7.7% in January. That compares quite favorably to the 9.5% rate in December 2010 before the new governor, John Kasich, took office.

In December 2010, 560,000 people were unemployed. In December 2011, 458,000 were unemployed, and it further dropped to 447,000 in January 2012.

In January 2012, 5,127,100 people were employed vs 5,094,300 in December 2011. That’s an increase of 32,800 people who now have a paycheck.

Let’s hope the Governor continues his successes to bring or keep businesses here in Ohio which will certainly help our housing market. Now if the gas price issue would get fixed, we’d be in better shape.

gas price Feb 28 in Powell OH

Does this really surprise anyone?

In our most recent Ohio Association of Realtors® online newsletter, there was this article pulled from The Buckeye Institute. Read it and weep. That’s all I’m going to say. 😦

Jobs Update: Private sector suffers while Government continues to grow

According to the Buckeye Institute’s latest electronic newsletter, while Ohio’s unemployment rate dropped from 10.9% in April to 10.7% in May, it is still clear that the stimulus is doing nothing to get Ohio’s private sector moving. Specifically, with the revisions to the April job numbers, the total number of non-farm, non-government jobs dropped by 6,600 in May (from 4,251,100 in April to 4,244,500). In contrast, the number of government jobs grew from the April figure of 791,000 to the May figure of 808,000, which is an increase of 17,000 new government jobs.

To provide proper context of how bad it is in Ohio, it is important to examine long-term trends. From January 1990 to May 2010, Ohio had a net increase of just 120,700 private sector jobs, which is roughly 495 net jobs per month over 244 months. At the same time, Ohio had a net increase of 93,200 government jobs, which is roughly 392 net jobs per month over 244 months. That means Ohio netted just 103 more private sector jobs per month over the course of 244 months, or 20.25 years.

Source: Buckeye Institute

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