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Hummers “might” be ba-a-ack

I’ve fed the hummingbirds for years, and typically I watch for the male to arrive around Mother’s Day. Males arrive first, then the female comes a few days later.

The male lets me know he’s arrived by buzzing my front windows where the feeder is usually located if I haven’t yet put it out. He hovers within a foot of the window, looking toward the window as if to say, “HEY LADY!”. I find this nothing short of amazing considering that this tiny little bird just finished his trek from the Gulf. Nature can be so phenomenal.

A Twitter friend just tweeted a tracking map that the hummers have already been sited in the area as well as north of here. I guess the warm weather has encouraged them to fly north much earlier than usual. I’ll have to watch for my little guy to return.

I lived in Tucson for a period of time and thoroughly enjoyed the various hummers that live there year-round. Here in central Ohio, we only see the Ruby-throated hummingbird. In Tucson, there were more varieties. I especially enjoyed the tiny Anna’s and Costa’s hummingbirds. The photos in these links don’t do justice to the awesome brilliance of the feathers in the sun. 

If you normally feed hummers, you may want to start watching for them to appear. If you haven’t fed hummers in the past and want to start attracting them, I’ve been told that you must put feeders out before they arrive so you can capture them early. They’re very territorial and “protect” their feeder, so you might be able to attract the younger ones who are looking for their own territorial feeder.

Feeder Hints:

  • For food, I use ¼ cup of sugar to 1 cup of hot water. No food color is necessary.
  • Ants and hornets are likely to become a problem. Check out Wild Birds Unlimited for a plastic ‘gizmo’ that hangs above the feeder with a sticky ant repellent in it. It worked very well. For the hornets, there are bee guards, but I’ve found the hornets still buzz around trying to capture the sugar water.
  • There are several plants that hummingbirds really like. They like the red tube flowers, especially fuchsias, if you have a place to hang them. Wild Birds can help you select flowers.
  • There are two Wild Birds Unlimited stores that I visit. One is in Dublin on Riverside Dr and the other is in Westerville on State Street.

Gotta love central Ohio weather … ever changing!

Has this been a great year or what!! Hardly had a winter. And spring has felt more like early summer. Since I don’t like being cold, I’m loving this.

Yesterday on Twitter, someone said they were too hot. We’ve been in the low 80’s for a few days, which is VERY unusual for central Ohio. Just to make sure you appreciate how good we have it this year, I pulled up some old photos I’ve taken in past years … just to remind you how special this year is.

A blooming pear tree. Photo taken today, March 22, 2012:

Pear tree, Delaware OH 43015

A normal March snowfall on March 30, 2011.

March snow, Delaware OH 43015

An early March snowfall on March 8, 2008.

Big March snow in Delaware OH 43015

As we say in central Ohio, if you don’t like today’s weather … stick around … it’ll change tomorrow.

The Winter That Wasn’t?

Can you believe the “winter” we’re having this year? Last year it got cold the first part of December and didn’t let up until April. We really haven’t had a true winter this year. That’s OK with me.

This afternoon – Feb 2 – I actually saw a landscape crew working. That’s a help for them since those companies haven’t been able to make any money by plowing snow this year. There are other companies, like the ski slopes, that are probably hurting due to the lack of snow and warmer temps that prevent even making snow.

Buckeye Chuck – the Ohio groundhog version to Puxatawny Phil – didn’t see his shadow today so according to the tale, that’s supposed to mean an early spring for Ohio.

Last summer when I had to have a new AC unit installed, I also had them do a new, more efficient furnace. While the heat coming from the registers is much warmer, I don’t really know how much I’m saving due to its efficiency. So far, I’ve spent $90 less for the three months but that could just be due to the warmer temps.

I just hope our lack of winter so far doesn’t mean that winter will arrive in March, as it sometimes does.

Do animals have a 6th sense?

Since Tuesday’s East Coast earthquake, there have been reports of the National Zoo’s animals’ unusual behavior in advance of the quake. Reportedly the lemurs issued their warning a full 15 minutes ahead of the quake being felt by humans. You may remember the stories of the elephants in Indonesia trying to break free of their chains before the disastrous tsunami hit.

I experienced this first-hand around 1970-71 or so. We were living in Marysville at the time. I was at a friend’s home along with our Doxie, Max. My friend also had a dog plus two Siamese cats. In addition, she was babysitting another dog, whose parents were out-of-town on vacation. It was a gorgeous day so I had left all the windows open at our house. Our husbands were playing tennis at the club. Weather forecasting then wasn’t what it is now.

Suddenly all the animals began acting “weird”. The sky turned a strange yellow-green and the air became very still. We kinda just sat there, saying “what the heck?”. Then the skies opened up and the rain poured. After we ran around the house closing windows, we decided – based on the animals’ strange behavior – to head for the basement. When the storm was over, we went back upstairs only to see trees down everywhere. It was as if someone had taken a massive chainsaw and cut down trees all around town to about 15-20 ft high. Huge trees were snapped off like they were toothpicks. Our vacationing friends had two big trees fall on either side of their home but missed hitting the home. The whole town was a mess. The National Guard was called in to keep people from entering the town so residents could start the massive clean-up process.

Since then, I’ve always trusted what my dogs might be trying to tell me.

The 1978 Blizzard was worse … get over it!

We have lots of snow on the ground here in southern Delaware County. According to NBC’s Jym Ganahl, we’ve received 45″ so far this winter, which is more than Cleveland has (42″). Naturally, we’re all complaining because we usually don’t have this much. We’re spoiled.

In the past 10 days since we’ve starting receiving these three storms, I’ve had a lot of viewers to an article I wrote in Jan 2008 about the 30-yr anniversary of the 1978 blizzard. When you see the photos that I included in that article, you’ll see we’re not as bad now as it was then.

There were some key differences to then vs now. The main one was that cars were primarily rear-wheel drive. Volkswagen was about the only one with front-wheel drive. (We had a VW Rabbit) Jeeps had 4WD but the SUV concept hadn’t come into being yet. If you read the article, you’ll learn we lived in Marysville which is FLAT with many roads running NW-SE causing additional problems with drifting.

The National Guard was called to the city to help out. Gov Rhodes asked for further assistance from people with snow mobiles as they were the only transporation that could make it through the rural roads. We’re certainly not that bad now. We lost electricity for several days after the blizzard. Thank goodness that hasn’t happened in these recent snow storms. I don’t recall snow blowers being used then, although they could never have handled the amount of snow that we had. It was strictly backbreaking shovel work.

So, you see, it’s not so bad here. Now don’t you feel better. This is like the story your grandpa told you about walking to school … up hill … both ways.🙂