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Delaware County 2010 Census Data Released

The 2010 Census data is out for Delaware County. The county remains the fastest growing county in the state, increasing by 58.4% since 2000. During those 10 years, the population increased from 109,989 to 174,214.

The growth was not evenly distributed throughout the county, however. As I’ve reported here before, the growth and the density is primarily in the southern portion of the county. The new Census confirmed it. The areas in the county with the highest population increases are shown in the map below. Essentially all the area in the lavender box are the high-growth areas.

Delaware County Ohio map

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  • the Polaris area was up 280%.
  • Concord township region was up 127%.
  • Galena area was up 114%.
  • Genoa Township region up 104%.
  • Orange Township region up 91%.
  • Powell area up 84%.

DATA SOURCE: Delaware Gazette, Staff Writer Kate Liebers

Delaware County is a special place to live

New homes in Delaware County Ohio

New homes expanding into farmlands

For the past decade, Delaware County has led as the fastest growing county in Ohio, and one of the top in the Nation. Most of that growth has occurred in the southern half of the county which is primarily serviced by the Olentangy School District, but smaller portions serviced by Dublin, Big Walnut, Buckeye Valley and Westerville schools.

A recent article in This Week News Olentangy reported on the recent release by the Delaware County Regional Planning Commission’s annual report of demographic information. Here are some highlights from the news article on the annual report’s findings:

  • The population of the county in the 2000 Census was 109,989. In July 2009 the Bureau estimated the population at 168,708. (up 53%)
  • In 2004, 3411 building permits were issued. In 2009 only 622 permits were issued. The poor economy has had a major effect on the fast growth in recent years.
  • Of the 59,901 households, 44% have elementary-aged children.
  • Of the 108,899 people age 25 and older, 95% have graduated from high school and 48% have a bachelor’s degree.
  • The average household income is $103,382.
  • The average residential home is valued at $253,900.

In the Columbus Board of Realtors MLS system, the county is divided into 5 segments to make it easier for us to search for specific homes. Rt 23 provides the east vs west divider. Rt 36 provides the north vs south divider. When I do a search for single-family homes that have sold so far this year (Jan-Oct), there is a distinct difference in pricing.

  • Southwest (west of Rt 23, south of Rt 36): $386,354 avg price; 9 homes sold over $1 million.
  • Southeast (east of Rt 23, south of Rt 36): $310,602 avg price; 3 homes sold over $1 million.
  • Northeast (east of Rt 23, north of Rt 36): $195,354 avg price; no homes sold over $1 million.
  • Northwest (west of Rt 23, north of Rt 36): $180,338 avg price; no homes sold over $1 million.
  • Delaware city corp limits in the center: $152,172 avg price; no homes sold over $1 million.

Regardless of what part of the county people live in, I think most agree that it’s a great place to live with all the golf courses, the 3 water reservoirs, 2 rivers, the metro parks and, of course, the nationally-recognized Columbus Zoo – which is located here and not in Columbus.