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Ohio Unemployment Declines Again in January

Ohio is on a roll! Unemployment rate dropped again for January, going from 7.9% in December to 7.7% in January. That compares quite favorably to the 9.5% rate in December 2010 before the new governor, John Kasich, took office.

In December 2010, 560,000 people were unemployed. In December 2011, 458,000 were unemployed, and it further dropped to 447,000 in January 2012.

In January 2012, 5,127,100 people were employed vs 5,094,300 in December 2011. That’s an increase of 32,800 people who now have a paycheck.

Let’s hope the Governor continues his successes to bring or keep businesses here in Ohio which will certainly help our housing market. Now if the gas price issue would get fixed, we’d be in better shape.

gas price Feb 28 in Powell OH