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Real Man vs Girly Man

Twitter often has some very funny photoshopped pictures or collages. This past weekend Joni Ernst, Senator from Iowa, held a “Roast & Ride” with several of the 2016 candidates. The “Ride” portion was on motorcycles, mainly Harleys. Rick Perry and Scott Walker are known riders so they were quite comfortable on the big bikes. A Wounded Warrior, who lost all his limbs, gave his bike to Perry to ride since Rick didn’t ship his bike to Iowa for the ride.

Twitter folks posted numerous pics of Perry on his bike, surrounded with other veterans. Naturally someone had to compare the macho Perry on his bike with wimpy Obama on his infamous girly bike.

Check out the size of Perry’s arms with Obama’s. Also look how BHO holds his knees together like a girl versus Perry’s “manspreading” as it’s now called. The caption on Twitter was, “Who do you think ISIS would fear more?”

Real Man vs girly man