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Living the Old-Fashioned Way

wind turbine in Dublin OHThere’s much ado about the use … and investment … into the wind turbine business. We have a few of them here in central Ohio. The one in the photo is at Glacier Park in Dublin and it provides electricity for the park lights.

Some states with persistent strong winds have acres of them. The first time I saw one of the big wind farms was perhaps 20 years ago on a business trip to California. East of Los Angeles there was a huge farm which I suppose took advantage of the Santa Ana winds. I saw another such farm when driving between Amarillo and Albuquerque where the winds rush down off the Rocky Mts.

Now that the big behemoths are in the news, we’re learning that millions of birds are killed as they try to fly through the farm and that the ground temperature is increased, so they’re not as “green energy” as once thought.

old-fashioned windmill

When I was young, growing up in the rural part of Knox County, it was fairly common to see windmills on farms. There was one at my uncle’s house that I believe pumped up well water. Not sure how it did that as I was too young to understand how it worked. I mainly remember that it squeaked when the blades went round and round. It was a soothing, rhythmic squeak  … comforting like an old squeaky rocking chair or porch swing. I doubt that any birds died as a result of its use.

This old photo of my uncle’s home was probably taken around 1908-10 when my grandparents owned it. I cropped out the family that was in the lower part of the pic because they look like a family that should be in the “Deliverance” movie. 🙂 That’s the front of the house. Imagine having one of the new turbines next to your front door.

A “swinging” suggestion

Over the weekend I came up with the solution for a lot of what ails our country. It’s a rather simple idea. Take some of the stimulus funds – that didn’t work – and buy a porch swing for every home.

porch swingHave you ever lived in or visited a home with a porch swing? It’s a peaceful piece of furniture, especially if it has a slight squeak from the chains. While you can enjoy it alone, it’s even better when shared with a friend. It’s ideal for intimate conversations, or for peacefully sharing opposing thoughts.

You can’t get or stay mad in a squeaky porch swing. It has a way of lessening what seemed to be a major problem into a manageable concern.

I grew up in a home with a porch swing. It was my favorite place to be on a Sunday afternoon because friends or relatives driving by would stop and join us on the porch. Spontaneous get-togethers were common then. Mom always had a pitcher of fresh, REAL lemonade or mint ice tea in the fridge. Plus, there was the usual homemade cookies, cake or a pie handy as well. If the day was particularly hot, she would mix up a batch of homemade ice cream mix for the men to crank in the hand freezer. Although we occasionally got “brain freeze” from the extra cold ice cream, it was always a special time.

Let’s put porch swings in the Statehouse and national Capitol buildings, then make the politicians sit in them until they actually agree to compromise to fix the economy! Maybe a PORCH swing will have better results than the GOLF swing did.