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Finally … the Election is OVER!

Well the election is over! Thank goodness! I guess I’m OK with the outcome because I really, really did not want Hillary as President. Too corrupt, too many issues and I remember all the scandals when Bubba was in office. Didn’t want to go through that again.

The Democrats and some snowflakes – who didn’t vote – are having serious issues accepting the results. First they cried – then they protested – then they went into denial. The Mainstream Media were as bad as the Democrats – because they ARE Democrats. Conservatives weren’t happy that Obama won but we accepted the results and behaved as grown-ups.

Trump won the Electoral College votes by a very wide margin, securing 306 EC Votes. However, he won a vast amount of the counties in America. As this map shows, Democrats are the party of the coasts and some major cities. The flyover states that Dems typically look down upon, gave the presidency to Trump. The map below was posted on Twitter and soon went viral.
2016 Election Results by county

I’m not sure how successful Donald Trump will be as a President but so far things seem OK. The stock market is up because investors believe his business-friendly plans should spur growth. People’s optimism is noticeable. The people selected to be in his Cabinet so far seem to be good choices. World leaders have called him, hoping to work with him. Since many didn’t like or respect Obama it is encouraging that apparently the leaders view him as a force to contend with. Companies are already making pronouncements that they are considering bringing some of their jobs back to U.S. Lower taxes and fewer job-killing regulations will be critical to these jobs actually returning. Undoing all of Obama’s damage will be a daunting task but since much of his damage was caused by his hundreds of Executive Orders, President Trump can undo them all with a swipe of a pen. It’s very good that the GOP has majorities in both the House and the Senate.

For America’s sake, I pray President Trump will be a good POTUS – as President Reagan was.

Ding Dong … the Witch is back!

Hillary tree witch

Halloween will soon be here, so I put the “Witch” back up on the maple tree in my front yard. She’s adorned with Hillary’s logo and all the scandals she’s had during her career are hanging from her cape. Hillary has LOTS of baggage:

  1. Whitewater
  2. Cattle futures
  3. TravelGate
  4. Blue Dress
  5. Benghazi
  6. Deleted emails
  7. Wikileaks

Uh-Oh! I forgot to include “Furnishings Theft” when the Clintons took a bunch of furnishings that didn’t belong to them when they left the Whitehouse! Also forgot to include that she was fired – for lack of ethics – from the Democrat legal team that worked on Watergate.

P.S. I bought this tree witch last year from Amazon. I stuffed her with an old bed pillow, otherwise she’d be “flat”.

What’s with Hillary’s health?

It’s no secret that Americans are really unhappy with the two candidates running for President. Both have extremely high unfavorables. Good or bad, Twitter provides “news” that often isn’t covered by the mainstream media. The past few days much of the Twitter focus was on Hillary’s health. We all remember her fall a few years ago which resulted in a blood clot and the need to wear the special thick glasses. More recently her debilitating coughing fits during speeches has been questioned. People and Doctors began to question what was wrong with her. Was it due to her hypothyroidism? Is the blood clot causing seizures? Has she had mini-strokes that cause her to be unsteady?

Here’s a recent photo showing Hillary needing assistance going up the stairs.
Hillary needs help with stairs

Then there is the photo of a man (right side below & left of HRC above) who seems to be always close by. He was thought to be Secret Service, but that’s been debunked and he’s believed to be some type of medic. The discussion about this photo is the object in his left hand. Enlarged photos indicate it is some type of medical injector.

During one of her rallies, a group of protestors caused a strange reaction from Hillary. Watch her eyes as she seems to go into a trance (some say seizure reaction to sudden stress). The medic guy tells her “it’s OK”, rubs her back to soothe her (bring her back?), tells her to keep talking then shoos away the Secret Service guys. It was an odd sequence. (UPDATE: It was noted today, 8/16, that the medic handler has not been seen with Hillary since the brouhaha around this event.)

This photo shows three aides assisting Hillary as she speaks to an outside crowd. The dark-suited man supports her with both hands. More hidden is a blond gal behind Hillary with the gal’s left hand under Hillary’s left elbow. The tan-suited guy is preparing to assist her, but harder to see is the black bag on his left side under his jacket. He also has a medi-pen in his left hand.

Hillary Supported by 3 Aides

Click to enlarge

While all of these questionable instances would not be a concern individually, when considered together along with other strange actions it seems to be reason for concern. We need to learn the truth about Hillary’s medical exam, and we need the truth about Trump’s psycho exam.

You MUST See “13 Hours In Benghazi”

13-Hours In BenghaziI saw “13 Hours” last weekend with my son-in-law. It’s a TRUE STORY of the 13 hours that America’s secret embassy in Benghazi, Libya was under attack by terrorists. The story is as it was told by special ops contractors who survived. They worked closely with the director to ensure it accurately reflected the events as they experienced them. The movie is an intense 2½ hrs!

AmericanSniperI had really enjoyed “American Sniper“, so was eager to see this movie as well. For me, the difference in the two movies was that American Sniper interrupts the intense war scenes with “breathing” time as Chris Kyle returns home between his four tours. “13 Hours” gives no such time to breathe and relax. It’s white-knuckle, non-stop fighting for nearly the entire film — which is exactly what the people in the Benghazi embassy and annex experienced.

What I learned:

  • This was no “protest” as Obama, Hillary and Susan Rice claimed.
  • The embassy was poorly chosen since it was vulnerable to sniper fire and wasn’t adequately secured.
  • The terrorists’ attacks came in waves. They would attack, retreat, rearm with higher power weapons, then re-attack.
  • Protesters don’t usually have access to RPGs and mortars.
  • As in American Sniper, it’s hard to tell who is friend and who is foe. It was that way in Vietnam as well.
  • An unarmed drone flying overhead recorded the attacks so the “powers that be in Washington” were able to view the fighting.
  • Planes were available and ready in Tripoli to join the fight but were told to “stand down”!
  • When the fighting was over, the survivors drove to an airport where a Libya airline transported them out. America didn’t even provide that plane.

The movie really makes one mad. The idea that people in the Obama Admin watched the attack and did NOTHING is despicable. That’s NOT American standards.

Adding to Hillary’s woes, this week Bill Clinton was quizzed about Benghazi at one of his campaign speeches. He replied that the 11 hours that Hillary had to testify during the Benghazi hearing showed that she had the stamina to be president.

Hillary at Benghazi hearing

“At this point, what difference does it make!”

Sitting in front of Trey Gowdy might be tough, but it’s nothing like what the people in Benghazi experienced!