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Hilliary’s Coronation starts as a circus!

Sunday Hillary Clinton announced she’s running for President. Actually she expects a coronation as she’s “due it”. At this time, the Democrats really don’t have any other contenders.

Hillary’s first week has been a disaster! Rather than making her announcement in a speech, she chose to do a 2 minute video in which she didn’t appear until 1-½ minutes into the video. No policy position. Just that she wants to be a “champion” for middle America. It was a yawner.

Next her logo was released. It too has been a disaster. Twitter had great creative fun turning the HOSPITAL-logo into very funny pics. Here are some of them:

Hillary logos

Hillary logo

Hillary in ChipotleThen she began a cross-country tour to Iowa to meet-&-greet the common folk in her Scooby van. She and her entourage stopped in Maumee, near Toledo, at a Chipotle. She wore sunglasses, didn’t speak to people in the restaurant, nor did anyone recognize her! It seems Ohio might have been an important state to make some personal contacts, but I guess not.

When she arrived in Iowa, she went to a community college to speak with around 20 highly-selected students and teachers. I watched a portion of the sit-down and in typical Hillary fashion, she spoke AT the people not WITH the people. She seems to have a problem looking people straight in the eye when speaking. There were no press questions allowed, so she can avoid having to answer the tough questions that are bound to come.

Hillary failed in 2008. She better make wisers decisions in her organizing skills or she’ll continue to set herself up for the jokesters.

I would like to see a woman President, but Hillary’s not the one. We can’t afford to vote for gender like people did for “skin”. The country is in such a mess that we REALLY need a strong, qualified, experienced person in the Oval Office.