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ObamaCare Must Die!

liar liar pants on fireThis week PolitiFact announced its award for 2013 Lie of the Year. The winner was Obama’s “If you like your plan/Dr you can keep it … Period!” According to past videos, he repeated that lie over 30 times. Via emails, it’s been proven that he DID know it was a lie even though publicly he denied it. On a daily basis, we learn of more major flaws of this disastrous Democrat program that is destroying lives and placing some people in real danger.

Eventually by the fall of 2014, it’s projected that the majority of Americans will have their health care plans changed or dropped as small businesses (under 50 employees) and large businesses (over 50 employees) portions of the law kick in.

As the ObamaCare web site receives a few more “fixes”, people are learning that their Dr’s may not be included in the ObamaCare network. Some Dr’s are deciding to not participate in the program due to minimal reimbursements.

If you’re not old enough to received Medicare, you may not understand why a Dr may choose to not take an ObamaCare patient and sometimes don’t service Medicare patients. (Medicaid is even worse.)

Three years ago I had my gall bladder removed via minor laparoscopy . It consisted of numerous pre-surgery tests, two different surgeries, and 2½ days in the hospital. It was the first time I used Medicare and was shocked at how Medicare discounted bills.

  • The surgeon’s bill for the 2 surgeries was $3,140. Medicare said he should only receive $2,237.  I paid 20% of the $2,237. The surgeon had to write-off the difference ($903).
  • The hospital bill was $24,905. Medicare determined it should be $12,766. I paid 9% of the latter amount and the hospital was stiffed for $12,139.
  • All the rest of the costs were similarly discounted.
  • Bottom line, bills were turned in totaling $33,953. Medicare approved only $18,154 for payment. My cost to pay was $1,774. The unpaid amount was written off by the various companies.

Medicare primarily covers seniors. Imagine what adding a large portion of the entire population under ObamaCare will do to profits for Dr’s and hospitals. They must make changes to the type of patients they see or decide to get out of the business. Given the years of education a Doctor must invest, plus, the horrendous cost of the malpractice insurance, what would you do?

A Doctor I’m currently seeing has a posted policy that patients are responsible for the whole bill regardless of what is paid by the insurer. If the doctors, hospital and labs had such a policy 3 years ago, I would have had to pay the $1,774 PLUS the unpaid $15,739 PLUS the $1248 annual premium. I’ll bet more Doctors, hospitals, and labs will implement similar policies for ObamaCare.

For a program that is supposed to save people money, ObamaCare has the real possibility of causing bankruptcy for many Americans.