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The “NEW” junk drawer

Admit it! Doesn’t everyone have one? Isn’t there one in every kitchen?

You know, that one drawer where you put those things that you don’t know where to put any place else. Those things that you want to keep close at hand “just in case” you need them.

Then one day you get ambitious and decide to ORGANIZE the junk drawer. Big mistake!

You know full well that if you throw something out that next week you’ll need it. Then we’ll see you upside down in the big trash toter sorting through smelly pizza boxes and other unpleasant things, trying to find that one tiny piece that is now oh-so important. It’s dumpster-diving run amok.

Well, like most other people, I have that junk drawer with all the tiny piece-parts. But now I’m getting a second drawer, too. Anytime I buy some electronic device they come with their own set of cords … and of course, none of them fit any other device. There are cords for recharging using electricity. Cords for recharging using the car battery. Cords for connecting the device to the computer. I have old phones, most of which died as soon as their warranty was kaput. I have a car recharger for my laptop which I bought last year when we didn’t have electricity for days after Hurricane Ike. Then there are all the Instruction manuals, which I only read when trouble-shooting is called for.

junk drawer 002

One of these days, I’ll organize this drawer and put nice little color-coded labels on each of these cords so I’ll easily remember which one goes with the Nikon CORDScamera and which one goes with the Sony camera and which one goes with the new Blackberry and which goes to the old unusable phones. I just don’t have time to do it right now ……..

I’m outside the Verizon store protesting for universal cords!