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How does your garden grow?

I’ve been working on my landscaping since I bought my home 16 years ago. At that time, there were only the builder’s 6 bushes and a tree. I’ve had the work done as my budget allows. Two years ago, it was time to redo the front (view that video). Last year I did another video of how that renovation was growing.

Everything is maturing nicely and will provide privacy once I finally decide to have a deck installed – the last of the projects. Here’s this year’s video:


An Update On My Landscaping Renovation

It’s been a year since I hired Outdoor Makeovers to redo the front and east side of my home.  The plants are growing nicely … except for the one that the chipmunk is ruining no matter how many times I refill the hole.

The only part of my lawn remaining to be landscaped is the immediate area along the back of my home. I plan to add a deck at some point, but wanted to do the landscaping first so that when I added the deck, I would already have privacy. Once a deck is added, then I’ll work on the section along the house.

My overall plan has had certain objectives:

  • Plants that appeal to birds, butterflies, bees and offer food, nesting cover or hiding safety.
  • Contrast colors of magenta and yellow-green.
  • Easy maintenance.

Fall or Winter Berries: Cotoneaster; Pyracantha; Callary Pear; Spice Viburnum; Leatherleaf Viburnum.

Bees: Autumn Joy Sedum; Purple Salvia.

Thicket for cover: Cotoneaster; Pyracantha; Barberry (pygmy & full size); Norway Spruce.

Interesting/unique plants: Vanhoutte Spirea; Dappled Willow; Pieris Japonica; St John’s Wort.

Remember, if you buy a home without any landscaping, I suggest adding it prior to spending on other major projects. That way, the plants can be increasing in size – and value – while you live in the home.

Over the time I’ve been working on my home, I have spent “around” $10,000. (If you are young with a strong back, you can do the work more inexpensively yourself.) That amount equals only about 5% of the price my home would sell for, so a home without landscaping, can easily need to reduce the price by more than that if buyers prefer privacy. Landscaping is likely the one upgrade you can make to your home that will return 100% of its value.

As an aside, I attended a large neighborhood party recently. While we don’t always know exactly where the people live, we often recognize them by the dogs they walk. During the evening, a lady asked me which home I lived in. When I described which one, she said, “Oh, you live in the home with the landscaping.”

It’s nice to be memorable. 🙂

Renovating the landscape around my home

One of the best valued fix-ups a homeowner can do to their home is their landscaping. If the home doesn’t have any when you buy it, then plant some as soon as you can … even before you add a deck. That way the plants can be growing – and increasing in value – as you enjoy living in the home. Then when you’re ready to sell, buyers will love the privacy you’ve built into the yard.

When I moved into my home 14 years ago, the only landscaping was the typical junipers under the front windows, a little sand cherry shrub at the corner, and a sapling maple in the front. In the years since, I have worked on doing a section at a time, so many of the plants are maturing and giving a nice privacy screen from the neighbor’s lawns. I try to select plants that provide food, cover and nesting for the birds that I feed. Some of the plants are also providing cover for the chipmunks and Attack Rabbits that have taken up residence in my lawn. I may have carried this nature thing a little too far.

They came … they saw … they stayed!

Last week, it was time to undo the builder’s plants in the front, plus, I had other plants that needed divided and moved to other locations. I use Outdoor Makeovers to do my work, so I called Bruce – the Sales Manager – to tell him I was ready to get rid of the front junipers and the sand cherry that was now a full-grown scrubby tree. We met, I gave him my ideas & budget, then he created a plan based on that. They did all the work last week, so I took before-after photos. I think everything we’ve done over the years is shaping up nicely.

Want to investigate different types of plants? Visit Monrovia‘s website for a great way to search for plants based on growing zones, light, water, etc.