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Talk, Talk, Talk … Text, Text, Text … just not FTF*

Are you tired of hearing the term “social media“? If you don’t participate, you probably are. I DO participate and even I’m a little tired of the term. IMO, it’s really a misnomer as it can be anything BUT social.

People sit in meetings or restaurants with their head down – thumbs flying on their smart phone – totally oblivious to the REAL people around them. As I’ve said before, I’m a chatterer. I was in the Verizon store earlier this week, talking to a young woman – also waiting – when she mentioned that she has “just a phone”. If you have “just a phone”, do you feel as though you have to apologize for being so “antiquated”?

Have you ever heard people refer to other people by their Twitter name rather than the name their parents gave them? (I’m @ReesesPeanut in case you don’t know.) Have you canceled your newspaper subscription because you get all your news online? Have you switched which TV news station you watch based on which one uses Twitter so you can comment to them in real time? If someone tells you something, have you ever responded with, “yes, I read that on Twitter yesterday“?

Are you making business connections on LinkedIn, perhaps hoping to land an opportunity for a new job? I recently coordinated a get-together of people I used to work with via LinkedIn. We had a lot of fun and it wasn’t a bunch of Gen X or Y’ers that attended. Have you heard that the fastest growing group on Facebook are women over 55?

Whether you’re into the social media thing or not, you should watch this YouTube video that’s been making the rounds on various blogs. Good or bad, the way we communicate has changed. What’s your thoughts on this change?

* FTF = face-to-face.

Checking out the digs at Digger & Finch


6720 Riverside Dr, Dublin OH

I’ve been organizing a get-together for a LinkedIn group that I set up. We’re getting together after work soon and settled on a “convenient-to-all” location.

Several people had recommended Digger & Finch in Dublin as a good, casual place where there was space for us to chat and share old times, as well as tell each other what we’re doing now. Around 300 people have been made aware of the party, but a lot of those live outside Ohio. I’ve no idea how many local people will show up.

I stopped by tonight to tell the manager of our plans. She was great … especially since I told her it could be 20 or 50 or who knows how many – people that might show up. I’ve heard one guy is considering flying in for the event. There’s to be another party of 50 people there that night as well, plus, a band.

It’ll be a rip-roaring good time!


Digger & Finch patio

Hopefully the weather will be nice so we can gather – spread out – on the patio. She said she would group some of the cocktail tables off to the side for us.

scan0001She also gave me their appetizer menu to let the group know the selection in advance. Happy hour starts at 3:00 pm with appetizers going for “4 for $4”.

Those Sauerkraut Balls sound interesting.

The interior is decorated as a Scottish pub with the rich dark woods. The name ‘Digger & Finch’ comes from a couple Scotsmen who lived here in the late 1800’s.

IMG00017Even with the Scottish theme, we still must remember that this IS central Ohio. Above the large U-shaped bar is a countdown clock to November 2009. GO BUCKS!

If you visit the restaurant as a result of reading this blog, be sure to tell the manager that Elaine sent you. That, plus $5, will get me one of those Belvedere mixers. 😉

BTW, I took these photos with my new Blackberry Curve. Not bad for a phone!