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The Wild, Wild West of Powell, Ohio

Copyrighted coyote displayWhen I hear the word ‘coyote’ I recall the 18 months that I lived in Tucson. Every evening when I and my two Dobies would relax on the patio, we could hear the coyotes start their howling as they were gathering for their nightly hunt. I had been told that the Dobes would probably be OK as they were larger than the coyotes.

However, now that I’m back in central Ohio, I don’t expect to have to worry about this scruffy dog-like critter. But apparently, these critters have moved into the area, finding a ready supply of food with enough trees and vacant land to hide in during the day.

Within the first year that The Murph came to live with me, I read in a local paper that three doxies were let outside for their last break before bedtime. The owner heard an awful noise only to find that coyotes had killed one of the little dogs, and injured a second by the time she rescued them.I checked to see where she lived and since she was in an area with acre lots that backed to woods, I thought that probably my neighborhood would be OK, although wooded areas are close by.

Copyrighted Murphy standingHowever, in last week’s news, the coyotes struck once again but this time it was in a “regular” subdivision … manicured lawns, numerous homes, and the dog was larger (30 lbs). The dog was bitten but not killed. Authorities also found the carcass of a deer in a nearby tree line. The City is advising residents to keep their pets inside and to monitor them in the evening until they can decide what to do about the problem. Powell has laws prohibiting the trapping of animals and of course, guns can’t be discharged.



The Murph runs like a rabbit … is about the size of a rabbit … I just don’t want him to taste like one.