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Another reminder of the unwitting foreclosure victims.

In November, I wrote on the Unwitting Victims of Foreclosure, referring to the pets that are being affected when humans lose their homes and possibly leave the pets behind to die rather than pay the ‘relinquish’ fees the shelters charge.

Bob Carney, a Realtor® blogger from Frederick, MD, just posted an article on the same subject but he included a photo video of a trip to his local shelter. If you watch his touching video and have been considering adding a new family member, I’m sure the video will cause you to make a trip to your local shelter this weekend.

A recent TV news story said that there are increased visitations to the local food pantries as middle America is feeling the effects of the high gas prices and increased food costs. The news report indicated that there have been increased requests for pet food at the pantries as people struggle to feed their pets as well as the humans.

As I mentioned in my November post, please be aware if you live near a home that appears to be suddenly vacant and you suspect it may be a foreclosure situation. If the residents had pets, please do some investigation to make sure the pets haven’t been left behind to die. Call the police or the local shelter to investigate.

While we all sympathize greatly with people who lose their homes, let’s not forget to care for those friends that have no one to speak for them, but only want to share their love and be with a family who will love them in return.

Need more info on adopting a new best friend?

And the little woolly bear says …

woolly bear caterpillarWith rising fuel costs we’re all concerned with whether this will be a mild or extra cold winter. Last winter wasn’t too bad until the end, then it got rather bitter.

Some people watch to see how busy the squirrels are in hiding nuts away. Do you suppose they ever find all they’ve stored?

This morning, Marshall McPeek, one of the local NBC weathermen, talked about another winter forecaster – the woolly bear caterpillar.

As kids, we all knew about the stories of the size of their color bands being good predictors of the winter weather. The one Marshall had in his story had a wide center band which is supposed to indicate a mild winter. Let’s hope so.

I searched Wikipedia for more info on this caterpillar, but couldn’t find anything. So, I emailed Marshall to get the official name. He was nice enough to quickly return my email with additional info as well.

This little woolly bear is the larva of the Pyrrharctia Isabella moth. It emerges from its egg in the fall. Wikipedia doesn’t believe in the folklore of the woolly bear, but then they’re supposed to be a “factual” resource of info.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac tells a different story of the tests that were done to arrive at the rationale for the folklore. Some people in the late 1800’s actually bothered to measure the black and orange bands over a period of years and compared it to the following winter weather.

Marshall also mentioned that Vermilion (between Cleveland and Toledo) actually has a Woolly Bear Festival. They have woolly bear races and use the winning woolly bear to predict the coming winter’s weather. Their web site says they have a parade and other festivities rivaling the 4th of July. Go figure!

Watching a woolly bear RACE must be as exciting as watching paint dry. The Murph thinks wiener dog races are a whole lot more exciting!