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You MUST See “13 Hours In Benghazi”

13-Hours In BenghaziI saw “13 Hours” last weekend with my son-in-law. It’s a TRUE STORY of the 13 hours that America’s secret embassy in Benghazi, Libya was under attack by terrorists. The story is as it was told by special ops contractors who survived. They worked closely with the director to ensure it accurately reflected the events as they experienced them. The movie is an intense 2½ hrs!

AmericanSniperI had really enjoyed “American Sniper“, so was eager to see this movie as well. For me, the difference in the two movies was that American Sniper interrupts the intense war scenes with “breathing” time as Chris Kyle returns home between his four tours. “13 Hours” gives no such time to breathe and relax. It’s white-knuckle, non-stop fighting for nearly the entire film — which is exactly what the people in the Benghazi embassy and annex experienced.

What I learned:

  • This was no “protest” as Obama, Hillary and Susan Rice claimed.
  • The embassy was poorly chosen since it was vulnerable to sniper fire and wasn’t adequately secured.
  • The terrorists’ attacks came in waves. They would attack, retreat, rearm with higher power weapons, then re-attack.
  • Protesters don’t usually have access to RPGs and mortars.
  • As in American Sniper, it’s hard to tell who is friend and who is foe. It was that way in Vietnam as well.
  • An unarmed drone flying overhead recorded the attacks so the “powers that be in Washington” were able to view the fighting.
  • Planes were available and ready in Tripoli to join the fight but were told to “stand down”!
  • When the fighting was over, the survivors drove to an airport where a Libya airline transported them out. America didn’t even provide that plane.

The movie really makes one mad. The idea that people in the Obama Admin watched the attack and did NOTHING is despicable. That’s NOT American standards.

Adding to Hillary’s woes, this week Bill Clinton was quizzed about Benghazi at one of his campaign speeches. He replied that the 11 hours that Hillary had to testify during the Benghazi hearing showed that she had the stamina to be president.

Hillary at Benghazi hearing

“At this point, what difference does it make!”

Sitting in front of Trey Gowdy might be tough, but it’s nothing like what the people in Benghazi experienced!

The Eyes Have It

It’s said that our eyes are the window to our soul. We all know people whose eyes smile along with the mouth. There are other people who may be smiling, but their eyes tell an entirely different emotion. Remember how your Mom had a “special look” and when you were on the receiving end of “the look” you knew instantly that you were in trouble!

Your eyes reveal when you’re happy, sad, mad or disengaged. Then there are some people who have “dead” eyes. You look at the person and their eyes are dark, deep and EMPTY.

Take a look at the eyes below. What are these eyes telling you? Can you identify the person behind the eyes? HINT: They’re all tyrants. Hence, the “dead” eyes. No compassion for humanity.

Stalin eyes

Mussolini eyes







Hitler eyes




Castro eyes




Obama eyes




ANSWERS TOP TO BOTTOM: Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Castro, Obama.


Who is in the Whitehouse?

When Cassius Clay became a muslim he changed his name to Muhammad Ali.
When Lou Alcindor became a muslim he changed his name to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
When Barry Soetoro became a muslim he changed his name to Barack Hussein Obama.
Obama in muslim garb


Vote Murph for President 2012

I’ve finally decided to endorse a candidate for President 2012. The current four candidates are severely flawed so I support the third party candidate from The Kibble Party.

Vote Murph for President 2012

Click to enlarge

I’ve interviewed him personally and here’s what I learned:

  • He was born in the USA and has actual papers to prove it.
  • He’s not going to change the U.S. Constitution because he doesn’t even know what it is.
  • He’s been neutered so he doesn’t care about birth control. Believes you’re free to do your own thing.
  • He’s not going to tell you which vet or medical plan you must use.
  • He supports a ban on toys and food made in China, especially those made for dogs and cats.
  • He’s a strong supporter of freedom … free to sleep on the couch or bed; free to take long naps; free to chase rabbits or cats; free to eat human food.
  • Regarding foreign policy, the only bombs he has are laying in the backyard.
  • Only blames his parents for his “short-comings”. Won’t blame everyone else when he gets in trouble.


Obama’s 2013 Budget has bad news for homeowners

Obama has just released his 2013 Budget and it appears to be meeting with the same disdain as last year’s which even the Democrats didn’t approve. This year’s version is expected to meet the same fate because of the increased taxes, increased deficit spending and reduced military presence.

National Association of RealtorsEven so, the National Association of Realtors® has issued their position on the parts of the budget that will impact housing. Imagine losing the mortgage interest deduction (MID) that you currently receive on Schedule A, if you itemize your deductions.

“As the leading advocate for housing and homeownership, NAR is strongly opposed to elements of President Obama’s budget proposal that would limit itemized deductions, including the mortgage interest deduction, for thousands of families.

“NAR firmly believes that the mortgage interest deduction is vital to the stability of the American housing market and economy. We urge the president and Congress to do no harm.

“While progress has been made in bringing stability to the housing market, the recovery has been slow. The nation’s homeowners already pay 80 to 90 percent of U.S. federal income taxes. Raising taxes on them, now or in the future, could critically erode home values at all price levels. This would destroy middle-class wealth accumulation and trillions of dollars in home values nationwide.

Already Obama has tried implementing several mortgage programs that make great sound bytes for the media and re-election speeches, but offer little help for most homeowners or home prices. What the housing market really needs is a business-friendly environment that reduces the mass of regulations and taxes that prevent small and large businesses from investing in jobs. Until the millions of unemployed or underemployed people have decent paying jobs, the housing market can’t recover and people can’t keep their homes rather than losing them to foreclosure. 

Read NAR full article