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Record NCIS Background Checks for January

Obama’s not going to be happy. January NCIS Background Checks hit another monthly record. With 2,545,802 checks for the month, it was the highest January number since checks began in 1998. The 2nd highest January was in 2013 – right after Obama was elected for a second term.

NCIS Background Checks by Month

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Ohio’s number of background checks mirrored the National growth. Ohio’s January number of 76,218 was a 60% increase over 2015.

NCIS Ohio Background Checks by Month

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A number of Sheriff’s – including 3 in Ohio – have recommended citizens get a gun and a concealed carry license to protect themselves since it may take too long for law enforcement to get there. The massacres in San Bernardino were over in only 5 minutes! As someone said, “I carry a gun because a cop is too heavy!”