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Ohio Promotes Self-Defense

Buckeye Firearms Association posts many interesting articles. This week they had two that were interesting statistics for Ohio.

The first article reported on the current results of the FASTER program which trains school teachers to use a gun as well as other tactical maneuvers should an active shooter situation occur. Currently 63 counties have trained teachers with more signing up for future training. Read the complete article on Buckeye Firearms website.

Today they posted an 2015 Year-End update to the number of Concealed Carry licenses issued in the 4th Qtr per Ohio’s AG Mike Dewine. At the end of 2015 there are now close to 500,000 license holders. As the article notes, if you’re in a crowd of 18 people, chances are there is 1 person carrying. If the crowd is older and upscale the chances are greater. Read the complete article on Buckeye Firearms website.

Concealed Carry Chart

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