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Ohio Changes Mind On Obama

Ohio has been taking some heat on Twitter the past couple days due to the latest Quinnipiac University poll. The poll asked if respondents approved or disapproved Obama’s performance. The results showed him receiving the lowest approval he has ever had. That’s important to note coming from a traditional “swing” state.

  • 61% disapprove of the job Obama’s doing. 34% approve.evil eyed Obama
  • 57% don’t believe or trust Obama. 39% do.
  • 59% oppose of ObamaScare. 35% agree.

Obama won Ohio by only 103,431 votes or 50.1% of those who voted. Mitt had 48.2% of the votes. As with other states, Ohio had reports of voter fraud and counties where over 100% of registered voters “voted” for Obama.

POLITICO has a map of Ohio’s election results by county. It shows that of Ohio’s 88 counties, only 16 swung ‘blue’. The blue counties are the inner-city portions of the larger cities: Cleveland (the ObamaPhone gal), Columbus, Cincinnati plus union strongholds of Toledo, Dayton, Akron, Youngstown. The one exception is Athens County where Ohio University is located – a college known for its media degrees and strong liberal bias.

Back to the Twitter comments. As you can imagine, to go from 50% “FOR” to 61% “AGAINST” is a substantial swing in attitudes. The tweets mostly have been of the nature of “why didn’t Ohio get smart a year ago”. I wrote this article to show that 82% of Ohio counties ARE smart! After all we did vote in a GOP Governor, John Kasich … who has lowered taxes and unemployment; worked to grow industries and jobs; and eliminated a budget deficit!

Hopefully, Ohio will vote smarter in 2014.