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The past couple months there has been a frequently used hashtag on Twitter. It is #DemocratsAreDangerous. We’ve all seen their antics to physically and verbally assault Conservatives. Their despicable displays during the Kavanaugh Hearings were insane. Their hatred of Conservatives, Republicans or “anything associated with Trump” indicates they have a BAD case of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS)!

Last month I went to a local GOP store to get some yard signs. The guy unlocked the door so I could enter then relocked it after I was inside. He said they’ve “had problems” with Democrats busting in. This was in a typically RED suburb which surprised me that destructive Dems would do this. It’s a few feet from a Home Depot store. These antics don’t usually happen in nice suburbs in the Midwest.

Ohio GOP Yard SignsWhen I put the signs in my yard I placed them close to the house rather than near the sidewalk. One of the signs was a WOMEN FOR TRUMP sign that I had from the Trump Rally held here in August. To put it in the ground I used shipping tape to anchor two stakes to the back of it. My street is a side street in my subdivision so traffic is only fellow neighbors.

Torn Women for Trump signThe Women/Trump sign lasted a week when someone tried to destroy it. (other signs were not disturbed). They tried to tear it up but the shipping tape was stronger than they were. When the sign wouldn’t totally tear they apparently tried to stomp to crush it. I can’t imagine that somebody has SO much hate that even seeing a small sign drove them crazy!

I’ve repaired the torn sign and placed a lot more shipping tape around the edges to make it untearable. I’ve also put it in another spot and set up my trail camera in an obscure place. We’ll see if it lasts to Nov 6 or if some deranged liberal has a fit of rage again!