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Cruisin’ along the Olentangy River

I love the drive on Olentangy River Road between Powell Rd and Rt 23. During the summer it’s lined with trees. During the winter one can get an occasional glimpse of the frosty water. Over the weekend, I set up my camera on the dash … something I sometimes do.

At one point, I was treated to two fawns in and near the road. Their mother was in the pasture next to the woods. Fortunately, the other oncoming driver also saw them and was able to stop. It was the middle of the afternoon which is not normally the time deer are visible. We usually must keep an alert eye out for them on these roads in the early to late evening. I’ve come close to hitting deer, but thankfully so far haven’t had an encounter.

(Google map of the scenic portion of Olentangy River Rd)

Sometimes it pays to slowdown

Copyrighted tree roots

Sitting in traffic at stop lights is certainly not one of my favorite things to do. However, unless I’m REALLY in a hurry, I do rather enjoy being stopped on Olentangy River Rd waiting to get through the light at Powell Rd – which can be a lengthy process.

Being stopped along this scenic portion of the road gives me a chance to see things that are otherwise missed if traffic flows well. Yesterday I noticed this tree and quickly grabbed my camera to snap a photo.

Don’t the roots look like the tree has grown into a hand, trying to hold onto the limited hillside that is available to it?

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