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Hardwood floors installed this week.

Two weeks ago, I noted that I was going to do what I ask some home sellers do. I intended to have the complete interior of my home painted and change out all the flooring. Last week for three days the painters were here. This week it was the flooring people from America’s Floor Source*.

What a hassle! The painters can somewhat work around furniture placed in the center of the room. The flooring people, however, must have all furniture removed. The carpet people came first. So I moved stuff out of the bedrooms and loft, stuffing it in the baths and great room. Day 2 was to be the vinyl folks. So everything was moved from the baths and kitchen, into the newly carpeted bedrooms. Day 3 was the wood people which was only in the Great Room and hall.

Installing hardwood floorThey pulled up the old carpet & pad. They laid some type of paper over the subfloor, then sheets of a smooth base.

Once complete, they applied glue and began laying the hardwood. The strips were also nailed into place.

Installing hardwood floorIt was a noisy day with the pneumatic hammer and the sawing. With four people working, they finished by late afternoon.

So after 2 weeks consisting of 6 days of strangers in Murph’s house, it’s all done. I’m still working on putting everything back where it belongs. I think I’ve ruined my knees from the lifting, shoving and climbing.

Hardwood floor installationIt looks nice although Murph has some difficulty getting traction. He does some running in place, where his feet are going full speed but he’s not moving ahead.

You’ll notice there’s no living room furniture. I had 1-800-GOT-JUNK haul away some very old items. The new stuff arrives next week. It’s my Christmas present to myself … and to The Murph. 

* America’s Floor Source offers discounts to Realtors® and our clients.

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The painting is done … next week the floors.

Last Saturday I wrote about my plans to update my home in the way I instruct sellers when they’re planning to move. Well, I’m not planning to move, but I desperately needed to replace the original builder-paint and carpet.

I briefly thought about doing the painting myself but after about a half-second decided there was no way I could handle painting a cathedral ceiling. I have a 16-ft extension ladder, but start to feel uneasy about half way up. So I called the pros.

Painting cathedral ceilingThe 3 painters began their work on Wednesday morning – bright & early – at 8:00 AM (zzzzzzzzzzzzz). Ceilings were done first. It pays to have the right equipment. Doesn’t hurt being a tall, strong twenty-something, either. You’d be picking me up off the floor if I had tried this. My arms would have given out after just a few rolls.

painting a stairwallOpposite the high wall is an open staircase. They had a special thingy that fits on stairs so it can hold a ladder to reach the top of the wall along the stairs. The left wall up in my loft/office kind of hangs out in the open and I couldn’t have managed that either without falling down into the Great Room.

Painting a high wallThe real test was in painting the wall at the top of the peak (~16 ft) while painting a straight line. The wall now has two coats and it looks wonderful.

The guys taped, caulked and painted all 9 rooms, 2 halls and ceilings, giving everything two coats and sanding in between coats. Plus, they helped me move the furniture that I couldn’t and helped install replacement blinds. I have a little over 2000 sq ft and they finished mid Friday afternoon. They were WONDERFUL, very efficient and didn’t waste time. I highly recommend them!

The company is Dynamic Painting in Lewis Center. Call them at 614-554-5630. They do both interior and exterior; residential and commercial. They are bonded and insured; rated by Angie’s List and the BBB. Follow them on Twitter @dynamicpainting. Their website is DynamicPainting.net.

Mention that you read about them on this blog, and they’ll give you a 10% discount! How’s that for an added benefit to reading my stuff. LOL

Copyright © 2010. Elaine Reese, Real Living HER. Reproduction of any portion of this blog post or the images is prohibited by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.