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What’s Happening to Patriotism?

I’m really bothered about an unpatriotic trend against our Flag, Old Glory. The Pledge of Allegiance has already been decimated. This week the UC Irvine campus has a small group of students who want the American Flag removed because it might offend students from other countries. I’ll withhold my thoughts on that!!!!!

Last weekend, the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s march across the Selma bridge was televised. On Twitter, a number of people spotted an important difference to MLK’s march to this year’s march. Two photos were tweeted and retweeted as they quickly spread throughout the Twittersphere.

Here are the two photos. Can you spot what the difference is that riled up Tweeps???

MLK’s Selma March – American Flags

MLK's Selma

Obama’s Selma March – No Flags

Obama's Selma

What a difference 50 years made!

Show your Patriotism for the USA

Flag Pledge

Independence Day is foremost a day to celebrate our Nation’s freedom from the control of England. Our forefathers created a Constitution which has served us well for 237 years. For the last four years, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights have been under assault. The current administration has quietly implemented changes to undermine and override the Constitution in order to change the Nation to a socialist or totalitarian muslim state.

It’s troublesome to consider that this might be the last year that we’ll be able to fly our precious flag and celebrate the Liberty and Freedom it means to Americans.