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Dog Parents … Avoid Treats Made in China

Yesterday at the grocery, I “almost” bought a package of chicken jerky strips for The Murph. Then I happened to notice that they were Made in China, so I put them back on the shelf. The treats I reluctantly bought were “Distributed by Kroger“. Now I know from my former Marketing career, that manufacturers are permitted to use this ‘distributed’ type of label if the product or components were made in several countries and sometimes packaged in the USA. So there is a possibility that the treats I purchased could in reality use ingredients made in China.

Today on Twitter, this China alert was noted by a local news station. It linked to a Cleveland article about a chicken jerky product that has caused some kidney problems in dogs. Click here to read the complete article.

I also wish we could buy pet toys that were made in USA. I worry that the current toys available – which are all made in China – could also contain harmful ingredients. Maybe I should buy a couple of socks and make my own toys but I likely will have trouble finding Made in USA socks!