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Little tiny birds can be costly

I have fed birds for years and truly enjoy them all year-long. Their songs are a nice start to the morning and I can count on the cardinals’ special chirp in the evening as they come to the feeder when there is less ‘traffic’. Watching new parents teach their young where and how they can get food from the feeder is fun as the babies are uncertain in managing their wings and balance.

Many of my plants have been installed to provide shelter, nesting, and winter berries. I have two bird baths – front and back – to give them a drink or a bath. In other words, I’ve provided all the necessities via my LANDSCAPING.

So why do they think my HOUSE is part of the package. I had trouble with the birds making nests in the vents leading to bathroom fans. Builders are now adding the cages to these vents but my home was built before they did this. My wonderful neighbor climbed the ladder to install wire mesh to keep them out. Problem solved.

This year I had overflowing gutters. I called Mike’s Roofing to fix overflows in the front and back. The front gutter problem was solved, but the back area still had problems. A guy came out a second time because it seemed there needed to be a seal between the gutter and downspout. He worked on it but it didn’t solve the problem. With this past weekend’s heavy rain, the water was gushing, making a mess in the ground below.

overflowing gutter

Today, two young guys came out again. They knew exactly what to look for. They took apart the slightly horizontal section and found about 2-feet of bird nesting materials blocking water flow!

Now I could spend money to add gutter guards, but REALLY … how much more do I have to spend? I’ve been a good naturalist by providing lots of trees for the birds to build their houses. Don’t they understand they are to leave MY house alone?