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This Fall was especially pretty!

Crimson Barberry

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The Fall colors this year were especially pretty – at least in central Ohio. Some of my neighbors’ trees were spectacular as well as some of my own shrubs. We had more rain this year so that may have contributed to the vibrant color.

My large ornamental grasses made a dynamic display with the plumes turning a dark rust then exploded with cottony white plumes. I leave the large grasses (there are 6) in place as long as I can, but then around the end of November I cut them down.

Ornamental grasses

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If I leave them through the winter they make a horrible mess as the dead blades blow all over the yard. They are impossible to rake and must be picked up by hand one by one. I drive my Jeep Cherokee into the back yard, fold up the back seat then stuff them in. I then take them to Price Organic Farm so they can be recycled into mulch. I’ve found this is much easier than stuffing them into the paper leaf bags. The plants have grown so large that this year I’ll need to do two trips since I can only stuff in three at a time.

Murph in the Pear Leaves

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I have a large Callery Pear in the back yard that hangs onto its leaves until early December. It drops LOTS of leaves that are the type that must be cleaned up because they don’t disintegrate but rather smother whatever is underneath them. We had a “reasonably nice” day on Sunday so I did the first cleanup of the leaves. Like many dogs, Murph likes to sit in the piles of leaves. Now that he’s old (14½) he no longer jumps or runs through them – just sits. He matches the colors of the leaves so it’s sometimes hard to see him. Instead of “Where’s Waldo” it’s “Where’s Murph“.

We had high winds, rain and some snow today, so the Pear dropped a bunch more leaves. Now I have to find another “nice” day to clean up the leaves, cut down the other three grasses, then mow one last time. Then I’ll decorate for Christmas!