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The Faces of the Democrat Party

The Democrats have lost their friggin’ minds. They have been unable to accept that Hillary lost in spite of all the illegal attempts to ensure her victory. Even though we suspected they tried to rig the election, we’re now beginning to learn the true extent of their corruption. Faces of Democrat Party

Their behavior during the State of the Union speech was atrocious! No doubt many Republicans will use those dreadful pics in their ads against their Democrat opponent. Many jokes were made on Twitter about Nancy Pelosi’s strange mouth movements. Every time there was an opportunity to applaud, Nancy looked around at fellow Dems to make sure all were following orders to not applaud. (Gotta keep ’em on the plantation) Some Dems actually booed when President Trump began his recognition of the two families who lost their daughters to the vicious MS-13 gang members. When President Trump touted the new lower black unemployment rate, the Congressional Black Caucus sat stone-faced. There is a telling video of Joe Manchin (D-WV) beginning to stand while starting to clap until he saw Chuck Schumer’s evil eye from the end of the row. Joe sat back down. At one point, the audience began the familiar USA – USA – USA chant. When that began Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) left his seat and hurriedly stomped out!

No one knows what the Democrats’ vision for America is. They’ve moved so far left that they seem to be adopting Bernie Sanders’ form of Socialism with Big Government. FREE STUFF for everyone – paid for by Papa Gov’t. An ideology where everyone becomes poor – like Venezuela! Other than that, it seems the Dems platform will be “Russia-Russia-Russia” and “we don’t like Trump“!

Dems have a low opinion of Americans. Hillary called Trump Supporters “DEPLORABLES“. Very rich Nancy says our $1000 bonuses are “CRUMBS“. Adam Schiff (D-CA) says we’re NOT SMART ENOUGH to understand a memo. Dick Durbin (D-IL) said his #1 priority is to illegal Dreamers! Guess he forgot that he took an oath to support/protect Americans.

Hillary’s loss stopped the Dem (Soros) plan for NWO and Globalism. Obama was put in place to begin the destruction of America. Hillary was to win to put the final 8 years in place. Not sure who put together this chart but this was their 16-year plan:

Democrat 16-yr Plan

Click to enlarge

Americans voted for Trump to stop the destruction. That’s why MAKE AMERICAN GREAT AGAIN resonated with middle America, the Patriots, the hard workers, the Faithful … or as Obama called us “the clingers”.

America is losing its freedom!

In case you haven’t noticed, America has been losing its freedom on a daily basis since Obama’s 2nd inauguration. He’s bypassing Congress more and more with Executive Orders – many of which are illegal for him to do. He’s instructing the agencies to implement certain actions which is another way for him to bypass Congress (IRS, EPA, DHS, NSA). A number of the agencies are stocking up on guns, ammo & tanks in preparation for Obama to implement martial law in case there is an uprising of the citizens. If he can trigger an uprising and declare martial law, then he can cancel the election this fall and set himself up as Dictator. He’s not doing this all by himself since Valerie Jarrett (born in Iran) and Eric Holder are also giving orders to the Fed agencies.

Remember in his 2008 campaign he promised to “transform America” but his supporters didn’t ask him to define “transform”. Those who didn’t vote for him knew he planned to turn America into a Socialist/Communist country and to allow the Muslim Brotherhood and sharia law to control. To date there are at least 12 members of the Brotherhood with offices in the Whitehouse.

The following “What If” video by Judge Napolitano was made in 2012. Being a strong supporter of the U.S. Constitution, Judge Nap asks numerous questions of what we would do if certain freedoms are lost. Many of the questions he asked in Nov 2012 have sadly already occurred.

  • We’ve learned the NSA is spying on us via our cell phones and email.
  • The IRS is targeting Conservative/GOP groups for harassment.
  • Obama has given himself authority (via an EO) to kill Americans with drones.
  • The Bureau of Land Management attempted to take over land in Nevada with snipers and armed officers plus wants 90,000 acres of privately owned land in the TX/OK border.
  • The BLM and some liberal colleges have set up “free speech zones”. Outside those zones, people cannot speak freely. 
  • Holder, the top law enforcement official, has said he will choose which laws he will obey.
  • Obama has an enemies list with people who can reveal unsavory info about him, such as his background. Many in his past have suspiciously ‘disappeared’. He threatened the Supreme Court prior to their vote on ObamaCare.
  • He does whatever it takes – legal or not – to get what he wants, knowing that Senator Harry Reid will prevent any stopgap measures from being voted on in the Senate, thus making any attempt to block Obama’s actions by the House of Representatives futile. 
  • Bloggers, social media, some TV pundits and some politicians are more openly calling Obama a Monarch, imperialist, tyrannical or dictatorial. 

It’s time to speak out against the impending tyranny!


A tip to understanding America’s future

government spyAre you concerned about the direction our country has taken the past 5 years? Perhaps you don’t understand why some people are more concerned than others, even to the point of referring to the “worriers” as kooks.

There are three books that many people had to read while they were in high school or college. If you haven’t read them, I highly recommend them as it will help you understand why people are so worried about the direction America is taking toward tyranny, mind-control, collectivism and lack of freedom or liberty. The links will take you to the appropriate page on Amazon.

Good Reading!!!! I guarantee you too, will become a “worrier”.

Does America Have A Future?

Wow, what a week it’s been on the political front. So many Whitehouse scandals that it’s becoming hard to keep track of all of them. Last week, Obama told the OSU Black Powergrads to “resist the voices calling out tyranny” then this week we learn more examples of the tyranny that does exist in the government.

Since Obama came on the scene in 2007, I’ve had to check definitions of words I haven’t really heard mentioned since my World History days in high school. The reason for this is that Obama’s mother and grandparents were known communists. His grandfather introduced him to a mentor, Frank Davis, who was on the FBI’s list as #1 communist. In Chicago he surrounded himself with known Obama's post American worldsocialists and communists.

So naturally, when he was campaigning in 2008 and said he wanted to “transform America”, a lot of people asked ‘transform to WHAT?’. We now are seeing the results of his transformation, hence the need to fully understand the underlying messages in his speeches and the terms people use to describe Obama’s style of ruling over the country which is following Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” (see link below).


Free election votersRepublic – A form of government in which power is explicitly vested in the people, who in turn exercise their power through elected representatives. Today, the terms republic and democracy are virtually interchangeable, but historically the two differed. Democracy implied direct rule by the people, all of whom were equal, whereas republic implied a system of government in which the will of the people was mediated by representatives, who might be wiser and better educated than the average person. (per our Constitution, USA is a republic … or it was)

Democracy – A system of government in which power is vested in the people who rule either directly or through freely elected representatives.Ford Model T

Capitalism – An economic and political system characterized by a free market for goods and services and private control of production and consumption.


Socialism – An economic system in which the production and distribution of goods Dictators Castro & Chavezare controlled substantially by the government rather than by private enterprise, and in which cooperation rather than competition guides economic activity. All communists are socialists, but not all socialists are communists.

Communism – An economic and social system envisioned by the 19th Century German Karl Marx. Under communism all means of production are owned in common, rather than by individuals. A single authoritarian party controls both the political and economic systems.communists

Totalitarianism – A political system in which the state holds total authority over the society and seeks to control all aspects of public and private life whenever necessary.

Dictator – A person exercising absolute power, especially a ruler who has absolute, unrestricted control in a government without hereditary succession. A person who authoritatively prescribes conduct, usage, etc.

HitlerTyranny – Arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority.obama evil eyes

Marxism – The system of economic and political thought developed by Karl Marx, especially the doctrine that the state throughout history has been a device for the exploitation of the masses by a dominant class, that class struggle has been the main agency of historical change, and that the capitalist system, containing from the first the seeds of its own decay, will inevitably, after the period of the dictatorship of the proletariat, be superseded by a socialist order and a classless society.

Fascism – A government system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism. (Consider the phone taps on AP & FoxNews and harassment by IRS of Obama’s “enemies”)



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