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A look back in order to look to the future

I participate in a real estate blogging network called Active Rain, along with around 130,000 other Realtors®. I used to do more blogging there, but once I started this blog, I don’t write there very often. Mainly, now I just stay in touch with certain bloggers who I enjoy reading as we share tips, thoughts and ideas.

Over the holiday weekend, I wrote an article for that audience of people in the industry who are naturally, also bloggers. My article was a call-to-action for us as Realtors®, but also as U.S. citizens, regarding our current economy and the future of the Nation. Naturally, everyone has an opinion on those topics, so there are good comments after the article as well. Click here if you’d like to read the article and comments.

Hopefully, it will at least stimulate your thoughts whether you agree with the concept or not.