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Twitter Made Me Do It

In late October, I noticed a change to my Twitter page. No background, no pics, other options just gone. Emailed their support and was told they made a change to use mobile options for IE 6 & 7. I replied that I was using IE8. They replied that I must not have IE8 updated.

Now, I often delay doing those MS Updates because ‘something’ always gets screwed up as a result. Reluctantly I did the updates on Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8. It has been such a disaster that it almost rendered my wonderful Vaio laptop useless. I knew that my XP system was on limited time from Microsoft. But I also had heard that Win8 wasn’t compatible, so I was reluctant to change due to all the programs and files that I didn’t want to lose. Besides my Sony Vaio laptop is around 5 years old and really didn’t want to spend any money on new programs, knowing that at some point, I’d have to buy a new computer as well.

Everything was working fine so I was content to accept that … until Twitter told me I couldn’t.

The two main problems, after the update, was having the laptop boot up after turning it on and using the Internet. It was not uncommon to spend 30 minutes trying to get the laptop to load to the point that the main screen loaded correctly. Then when I tried to use the Internet, it would hang up after viewing one web site and wouldn’t allow me to shut anything down, including my Verizon MiFi connection and the laptop. So I would have to press the ‘off’ button and try again. I even tried to use Google for my browser and it did the same thing.

Windows 8

After two months, I finally gave up and bought a desktop which has Windows 8 loaded. For three weeks, I’ve now been ‘messing’ with moving files and programs from the laptop to the desktop PC. Nothing is going smoothly.

So far, I’ve had to buy new versions of 2 favorite programs. I’ve had one favorite photo editing program, that came with my Nikon camera, that isn’t compatible and is no longer available. If I hadn’t retired from being a Realtor® last summer, this would be a DISASTER! The communication between the PC to my fairly new Epson printer didn’t work and I had to download special drivers to make it work with Win8. I’m still working on getting Quicken to work and accept my data files. I’ve still got plenty of programs yet to transfer so who knows what I’ll continue to find.

BOTTOM LINE ALERT: While Windows 8 has a “cool factor” with the ability to use your fingers – like an IPad – I personally don’t find that feature worth losing the utility of previous versions of Windows. I suggest you think twice about adding Win8 to an existing computer and BACKUP before you do. If you buy a new computer, plan on spending time transferring files or buying new programs. It’s taken me awhile because I reach a frustration (heavy swearing) point and just walk away.

Why can’t computers be easier to use!

Talk, Talk, Talk … Text, Text, Text … just not FTF*

Are you tired of hearing the term “social media“? If you don’t participate, you probably are. I DO participate and even I’m a little tired of the term. IMO, it’s really a misnomer as it can be anything BUT social.

People sit in meetings or restaurants with their head down – thumbs flying on their smart phone – totally oblivious to the REAL people around them. As I’ve said before, I’m a chatterer. I was in the Verizon store earlier this week, talking to a young woman – also waiting – when she mentioned that she has “just a phone”. If you have “just a phone”, do you feel as though you have to apologize for being so “antiquated”?

Have you ever heard people refer to other people by their Twitter name rather than the name their parents gave them? (I’m @ReesesPeanut in case you don’t know.) Have you canceled your newspaper subscription because you get all your news online? Have you switched which TV news station you watch based on which one uses Twitter so you can comment to them in real time? If someone tells you something, have you ever responded with, “yes, I read that on Twitter yesterday“?

Are you making business connections on LinkedIn, perhaps hoping to land an opportunity for a new job? I recently coordinated a get-together of people I used to work with via LinkedIn. We had a lot of fun and it wasn’t a bunch of Gen X or Y’ers that attended. Have you heard that the fastest growing group on Facebook are women over 55?

Whether you’re into the social media thing or not, you should watch this YouTube video that’s been making the rounds on various blogs. Good or bad, the way we communicate has changed. What’s your thoughts on this change?

* FTF = face-to-face.