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No Blue Wave in Ohio

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The Democrats have been saying they are going to have a BLUE WAVE in Nov 2018. Meaning they believe they will take over control of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Their plans are that IF they do that, they will Impeach President Trump and kill President Trump’s tax cuts in order to RAISE OUR TAXES! A few months ago in generic ballot polls, it appeared they might be successful. They had a substantial lead over a generic Republican. However, with all of President Trump’s successes, that lead is now down to only 3 points. Obviously the American voter isn’t as dumb as the Democrats think we are.

The results of Ohio’s recent primary indicates there is no BLUE WAVE in Ohio. I heard it reported that around 200,000 more GOP voters went to the polls than Democrat voters.

In the race for Ohio Governor there were 827,039 GOP votes vs only 679,738 Democrat votes. That’s 21.6% more GOP votes. Mike DeWine (R) received 17% more votes – 494,766 votes than Richard Cordray’s (D) 423,264. Another big race was for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Sherrod Brown (D). Brown is a far left-wing Dem leaning toward Bernie Sanders Socialism. In November, Brown will be challenged by Rep Jim Renacci (R) who achieved 360,475 votes of the total 760,808 cast by GOP voters.

If this enthusiasm continues until November, Ohio is apt to maintain a GOP Governor and pick up a U.S. Senate seat. We really need Renacci to win to help President Trump implement more of his programs.

177 House Members Voted To Allow Murdering Babies

The undercover videos of Planned Parenthood showing unthinkable behavior have brought much discussion about whether taxpayer money – $500,000,000 – should be used to help fund them when they do only a few medical exams (no mammograms) and dispense birth control. Other community clinics offer far more services (but no abortions) and do not receive taxpayer funding.

The videos show Planned Parenthood workers discussing how they rearrange the baby prior to delivery in order to maximize the “value” of the baby’s organs. In some cases, the baby is delivered alive then killed by carefully crushing some less marketable organs in order to preserve the valuable organs. In one video, the organs are shown on a pie plate as a technician moves them around. It’s reminiscent of someone using chopsticks to move Chinese food around. It’s absolutely sickening to listen to the Planned Parenthood people laugh about the procedures while they’re eating their salad and sipping wine, and negotiating prices for the organs.

Americans were outraged that such barbaric atrocities were occurring in a civilized society, let alone that taxpayer money was funding such an organization that was profiting from the sale of organs, which is illegal. Americans put pressure on their Representatives and Senators to stop the funding and investigate the apparent illegalities.

So far, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell has been unable to get enough votes to support defunding Planned Parenthood in the Budget. Obama has said he will veto any Budget that doesn’t include the funding.

Yesterday House members voted on a Bill that would clarify that it is an act of murder to kill a baby who survives an abortion. Unbelievably 177 House Reps voted AGAINST this bill!

In Ohio, FOUR of our Representatives – all Democrats – voted AGAINST the bill: Rep Joyce Beatty, Rep Marcia Fudge, Rep Marcy Kaptur, Rep Tim Ryan.

To check how you state’s Representative voted, the list is given HERE.