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Ohio Politicians Don’t Listen To Us

Voters are angry! The rise of Donald Trump (R) is evidence of that. We have Congress to thank for that. In 2010, the House of Representatives said “give us a majority and we can fix Obama’s problems“. Voters gave them a majority. In 2014, the Senate said “give us a majority and we can override Obama’s overreach“. Voters gave them a majority. Results? Both segments of the Congress did nothing to stop Obama’s overreach and in fact, did nothing to stand up to him but rather approved all his programs without a fight!

Their excuse was that “Obama would only veto it“. So what! Put it on his desk and let him be responsible for killing a program. The saddest part is that some of the programs that Congress agreed to they didn’t even read … too many pages, too little time.

Conservative Review and Heritage Action both have Scorecards on their websites where they rate the Representatives and Senators on how often they vote Conservative/Constitution values. You can see how your own Rep or Senator voted on the key bills. The liberal Democrats seem to be voting as their constituents want since their Conservative/Constitution scores are so low. The Republicans obviously aren’t voting for Conservative values (except for Jim Jordan) which explains why voters are so angry!

Name CR Score HA Score
Rep. Jim Jordan R A 94% 94%
Rep.Steven Chabot R C 78% 76%
Rep. Brad Wenstrup R D 67% 82%
Rep. Bob Latta R D 64% 69%
Rep. Jim Renacci R F 56% 62%
Rep. Bob Gibbs R F 52% 66%
Rep. Bill Johnson R F 51% 42%
Sen. Rob Portman R F 49% 36%
Rep. Mike Turner R F 46% 34%
Rep. Pat Tiberi R F 44% 42%
Rep. Dave Joyce R F 37% 42%
Rep. Steve Stivers R F 34% 39%
Rep. Marcia Fudge D F 23% 13%
Rep. Tim Ryan D F 12% 19%
Rep. Joyce Beatty D F 12% F13%
Rep. Marcy Kaptur D  F 8% 13%
Sen. Sherrod Brown D F 8% 8%