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Shop for MADE IN AMERICA Products

Made In AmericaThere’s no doubt that the #1 problem facing the USA is the unemployment rate. Millions are unemployed while still others are underemployed. We’ve lost a lot of manufacturing jobs to China and customer service jobs to India. We’re not going to get our economy rolling again until we get those jobs back

In the meantime, some citizens are taking matters in their own hands by supporting companies whose goods are Made In America. ABC News recently did a series of reports on products made here. On that site is an interactive map that lists the brands/products made in each state. I’ve become more aware of the products I buy – or don’t buy. As a self-employed person, if I want people to support MY business, then I in turn should support THEIR business. Fair is fair.

Become Vocal

I have a Jeep (made in Toledo) and recently was at Crown Jeep in Dublin. The Jeep brand has a lot of history in the USA via WWII. As I was browsing their Jeep branded clothing I noticed that none of it was made in America. That’s just wrong and I mentioned it to the nearby cashier. I also tweeted about it to @Jeep and used the hashtag #Jeep. Jeep clothing should be made in America!

Vote With Your Dollars

Recently I was shopping in the Zettler Hardware store in Powell. I saw a product I was interested in, but there were 3 components to it with a total price of close to $100. All 3 pieces were made in China. I decided to not buy it.

Shop Stores Who Carry USA Products

Some of the big box stores or mass merchandisers are starting to go back to carrying and advertising Made In America products. Give them your support and let them know why you’re shopping there. BTW, in case you’re wondering, I do not shop at WalleyWorld because they have been a major cause as to why so many manufacturing jobs have been lost here. That’s just my own personal protest – not that it matters to them.

Challenge the Politicians

USPS shipping tape made in ChinaAs companies are seeking “stimulus” money, challenge the politicians to only give money to those who support USA jobs. The US Postal Service is the latest to ask for monetary help. I purchased this shipping tape a couple of years ago. Do we not have any companies in America that can make tape for the USPS? Shouldn’t they be required to only buy American products especially if they want our tax dollars?

Help save your own job by helping others keep their job. Let’s all chip in and try to help each other..